Last commit made on 2022-03-27
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cba9b71... by Damien Ciabrini

Test build macOS 11

a7239ad... by Damien Ciabrini

Fix COPR deployment

7ec34f8... by Damien Ciabrini

Enable automatic nightly RPM rebuild on COPR

f04930c... by Damien Ciabrini

Force nggcc to not build with C++17 standard

gcc 5.5 performs boolean increment without integer coercion,
which is forbidden in C++17.
Force the toolchain to target C++14 standard for building nggcc,
as it's available in all supported distributions.

Closes dciabrin/ngdevkit#52

8a2676c... by Damien Ciabrini

CI: add MSYS2 test and packaging

Ref dciabrin/ngdevkit#47

14d965e... by Damien Ciabrini

Allow passing extra build flags to all the components

Ref dciabrin/ngdevkit#47

86481e5... by Damien Ciabrini

Allow extra configure steps and switch to gdb 9.2

This is required to build an entire MinGW/MSYS2 toolchain

Ref dciabrin/ngdevkit#47

08828bf... by Damien Ciabrini

Allow extra configure steps for SDCC

This is required for building on MSYS2

Ref dciabrin/ngdevkit#47

4a6fc13... by Damien Ciabrini

Overcome gdb compilation error with new clang

Ref dciabrin/ngdevkit#48

3cbd3ec... by Damien Ciabrini

CI: fix cleanup of old nightly tags