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57. By David Barth on 2015-03-31

Force gcc-4.8 to avoid rendering issues

56. By Chris Coulson on 2015-03-05

releasing package oxide-qt version 1.5.5-0ubuntu0.14.10.2

55. By Chris Coulson on 2015-03-05

releasing package oxide-qt version 1.5.5-0ubuntu0.14.10.1

54. By Chris Coulson on 2015-03-05

* Update to v1.5.5 - see USN-2521-1
  - Bump Chromium rev to 41.0.2272.76
  - Fix LP: #1427828 - Crash in WebFrame.sendMessageNoReply
  - Fix LP: #1411159 - Add work-around for shutdown crash in
    content::GpuChannelHost::Send, by deliberately leaking the
    cc::ContextProvider referenced by any task posted to the UI thread if
    the task never got a chance to run and is destroyed when the main loop
    is torn down. Note that 1.6 has the longer term fix for this crash.
  - Fix LP: #1421339 - Two scrollbars shown on the phone at a page scale of 1.
    + This is fixed by disabling the outer viewport scrollbars when
      pinch-viewport is on (copying Chrome on Android).
    + Also style the pinch viewport overlay scrollbars like Chrome on Android,
      as opposed to using the default desktop style that are designed to be
      dragged with a pointer
  - Fix LP: #1423531 - LoadEvent.isError is false for the error page if the
    navigation is triggered from a session restore or reload
  - Fix LP: #1402975 - set a minimum viewport width of 980px on mobile
    for sites that don't specify a viewport width. Fixes layout of some
    desktop sites, and matches the behaviour of Chrome on Android
  - Fix LP: #1412981 - Geolocation permission requests from subframes are
    not cancelled if the frame is deleted or navigated to another site
  - Fix LP: #1379776 - Spoof Android for the purposes of GPU feature
    blacklisting on the phone. This means accelerated 2d canvas is now
    enabled on all devices that Chrome enables it on (including the Nexus 4),
    and other GPU features (eg, GPU rasterization) are enabled on devices
    where Chrome supports it
  - Fix LP: #1370366 - Add LocationBarController API, which allows the
    renderer compositor to calculate the position of the browser top header.
    This enables the header to be animated in sync with the content on
  - Fix LP: #1408136 - Committed LoadEvents fire for subframe loads when
    they shouldn't
  - Fix LP: #1377198 - CertificateError is not cancelled if you stop the
    pending navigation
  - Fix LP: #1373383 - The video player on Youtube does not resize correctly
    when transitioning from landscape to portrait. Ensure we correctly
    update the screen geometry and orientation visible to web content when
    the device orientation changes, and turn on orientation events
  - Really fix LP: #1337506 - Abort with
    "FATAL:texture_manager.cc(76)] Check failed: texture_count_ == 0u (1 vs. 0)"
    on shutdown
  - Fix LP: #1398044 - Fails to build with Qt 5.4
  - Fix LP: #1249387 - Add experimental support for playing audio through
    mediahub with the HTML media elements (Off by default. Video and
    MediaSource are not yet implemented. Not built yet because it depends
    on packages in universe)
  - Fix LP: #1417042 - Remove inactive touch points from the current touch
    state when we process a new touch event
  - Fix LP: #1417963 - Adapt to behaviour change in handling of QVariants
    from QML to C++ in Qt 5.4
  - Update the form factor detection code to not rely on the EGL vendor for
    detecting that we're on a device - use the Android system properties
  - Tidy up WebContents ownership during unload by adding a new singleton
    responsible for handling unloading (WebContentsUnloader)
  - Refactor WebFrame to be based around RenderFrameHost rather than
    FrameTreeNode, which we aren't meant to be using
  - Call QDesktopServices::openUrl on the UI thread. Failures are no longer
    propagated back to the resource dispatcher, so all attempts to open a
    URL externally will result in the load being cancelled whether there
    is an external handler or not
* Update debian/control to add extra build dependencies:
  - libandroid-properties-dev on armhf, used for gathering data for GPU
    feature blacklisting when running on the phone
* Update debian/liboxideqtcore0.install to install V8 snapshot data
* Switch to the default compiler (gcc 4.9) now that Oxide has been building
  fine in vivid with it

53. By Chris Coulson on 2015-02-06

releasing package oxide-qt version 1.4.3-0ubuntu0.14.10.1

52. By Chris Coulson on 2015-01-22

releasing package oxide-qt version 1.4.2-0ubuntu0.14.10.1

51. By Chris Coulson on 2015-01-15

releasing package oxide-qt version 1.4.1-0ubuntu0.14.10.1

50. By Chris Coulson on 2015-01-15

* Update to v1.4.1 (see USN-2476-1)
  - Bump Chromium rev to 40.0.2214.85
  - Fix LP: #1297973 - Don't allow the BrowserContext to be deleted until
    the render thread is quit in single process mode
  - Fix LP: #1321969 - Add proper API for handling page closing:
    + Add WebView.prepareToClose() which runs the current page's
      beforeunload handler
    + Add WebView.prepareToCloseResponse signal, which tells the embedder
      whether a close should proceed
    + Add WebView.closeRequested signal, driven from window.close()
    + Ensure the current page's unload handler runs when a WebView is deleted
  - Fix LP: #1353143 - Add an API for saving and restoring the state of a
    WebView, used for session restore in the browser
  - Fix LP: #1374494 - Warnings when processing GPU blacklist
  - Fix LP: #1283291 - Cannot use multiple BrowserContexts in single-process
    mode. Make WebView.context read-only in single-process mode (all
    WebViews will use a default WebContext)
  - Fix LP: #1326115 - Disable WebView.incognito in single-process mode. It
    relies on using multiple BrowserContexts, which is not possible in
    single process
  - Fix LP: #1249147 - Use TCMalloc in the renderer process
  - Fix LP: #1389777 - More natural scrolling - tweak the gesture fling curve
  - Fix LP: #1398941 - Tidy up the LoadEvent sequence for failed loads
  - Fix LP: #1381558 - Fix crash in
  - Fix LP: #1402382 - Fix a potential memory leak because of a refcount race
  - Fix LP: #1398087 - Fix application crash when accessing
  - Turn pinch virtual viewport on for mobile form factors
  - Limit the maximum decoded image size on mobile
  - Remove the screen-dim lock when the application goes in to the background
    (and restore it when it comes back in to the foreground)
  - Don't create OTR BrowserContexts unnecessarily
  - Add an experimental API for changing the process model
  - Don't leak WebPreferences if the WebView is deleted without ever
    accessing WebView.preferences
  - Add support for component builds
* Refresh gross-hack-for-dual-ffmpeg-build.patch

49. By Chris Coulson on 2014-11-20

* Update to v1.3.5
  - Bump Chromium rev to 39.0.2171.65
  - Really fix LP: #1391230 - Release the screen dim lock when the
    application becomes inactive

48. By Chris Coulson on 2014-11-17

releasing package oxide-qt version 1.3.4-0ubuntu0.14.10.1

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