Merge lp:~davewalker/loco-team-portal/bug494950 into lp:~ltp-devs/loco-team-portal/trunk

Proposed by Dave Walker
Status: Merged
Merged at revision: not available
Proposed branch: lp:~davewalker/loco-team-portal/bug494950
Merge into: lp:~ltp-devs/loco-team-portal/trunk
Diff against target: 13 lines (+2/-2)
1 file modified
loco_directory/teams/ (+2/-2)
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~davewalker/loco-team-portal/bug494950
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Daniel Holbach (community) Approve
Review via email:
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Dave Walker (davewalker) wrote :

Tested on a fresh DB and a legacy DB followed by lpupdate. It updates the timestamps to be date only.

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Daniel Holbach (dholbach) wrote :

Great work!

review: Approve

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1=== modified file 'loco_directory/teams/'
2--- loco_directory/teams/ 2009-12-09 11:41:22 +0000
3+++ loco_directory/teams/ 2009-12-10 11:59:09 +0000
4@@ -31,8 +31,8 @@
5 provides_support = models.BooleanField(_("Provides local support"),
6 default=True)
7 approved = models.BooleanField(_("Approved Team"), default=False)
8- approved_date = models.DateTimeField(_("Date Approved"), null=True, blank=True)
9- expires_date = models.DateTimeField(_("Date Expires"), null=True, blank=True)
10+ approved_date = models.DateField(_("Date Approved"), null=True, blank=True)
11+ expires_date = models.DateField(_("Date Expires"), null=True, blank=True)
12 owner = models.SlugField(_("Launchpad Team Owner"), null=True, blank=False)
13 admins = models.ManyToManyField(TeamAdministrator)


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