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284. By Tim Lunn on 2014-01-20

* debian/gdm.postinst:
  - Don't kill gdm, since this brings down the current session when upgrading

283. By Tim Lunn on 2013-11-26

* New Upstream Release (LP: #1269981)
* debian/rules:
  - remove obsolete --with-incomplete-locales configure option
  - enable parallel builds
* debian/patches/08_frequent-users_greeter.patch: Dropped, gnome-shell generates
  the greeter list by directly querying accountsservice, so this patch now
  achieves nothing
* debian/control.in: Drop depends on dbus-glib, pango, fontconfig, upower, nss
* debian/patches/93_private_lib.patch: Refreshed
* Move schema file to libgdm
  - gnome-shell requires direct access to this now.
* Merge some changes from Debian
  - debian/rules:
    + Also drop gdm-simple-greeter.desktop, simple-greeter is
      definitely gone
    + List non-installed files
    + Append --libdir=\$${prefix}/lib/$(DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH) to
  - debian/control.in:
    + Drop Depends on policykit-1-gnome, with the gdm-fallback session gone,
      this dependency is no longer required.
    + Make build depend on debhelper (>= 8.1.3) and cdbs (>= 0.4.93~) and
      add Pre-Depends: ${misc:Pre-Depends} to shared libs packages to
      support Multi-Arch
    + Split libgdm adding a libgdm-dev package
    + Rename libgdm to libgdm1 and update the package description
    + Add a gir1.2-gdm3 package for GObject introspection data
  - debian/patches:
    + Drop 93_private_lib.patch. Don't install the shared library
      in a private directory.
  - debian/gdm.lintian-overrides:
    + Drop gdm: binary-or-shlib-defines-rpath
      usr/lib/gdm/gdm-simple-chooser /usr/lib/gdm since the gdm libraries
      are not private anymore.
  - debian/gdm.dirs: Drop usr/share/gdm/greeter-settings/, not needed anymore
    since 3.4.1-1
  - debian/gdm.install: Install the files debian overrides as the last ones
    so we don't accidentally include upstream versions.
  - Apply patch from Paul Wise to avoid userdel error messages
    from being used as input for debconf if gdm3 is purged while
    processes are still running as Debian-gdm (Closes: #657751)
[ Rico Tzschichholz ]
* debian/rules:
  - Drop authdir references

282. By Tim Lunn on 2013-09-02

* debian/patches/ubuntu_export_XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP.patch:
  - Set $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP if specified in the xsession file.
    (LP: #1212408)

281. By Jeremy Bicha on 2013-07-30

* New upstream release
* Drop obsolete fallback greeter patches:
  - 07_libexec-paths.patch
  - 45_time_display_on_greeter.patch
* Merge some changes from Debian's gdm3:
  - debian/control.in:
    + Depend on dconf-cli instead of dconf-tools (LP: #1189169)
  - debian/gdm.lintian-overrides, debian/source.lintian-overrides:
    + Add an override for 'gdm: unused-debconf-template gdm/daemon_name'
    + Drop unused overrides to please lintian
  - debian/gdmflexiserver.1.pod: Fix grammar, thanks to lintian
  - debian/gdm.manpages, debian/libgdm.manpages: Move gdmflexiserver manpage
    to libgdm package so it follows the executable
  - Generate templates from PO files

280. By Jeremy Bicha on 2013-06-06

[ Simon McVittie ]
Tell dh_shlibdeps to look in libgdm to satisfy the shared library
dependencies, and add a shlibs.local for them

279. By Jeremy Bicha on 2013-06-06

Add debian/libgdm.dirs accidentally missed in last upload

278. By Tim Lunn on 2013-06-07

Split out libgdm into a separate package (LP: #1162849)

277. By Jeremy Bicha on 2013-06-06

* debian/control.in:
  - Depend on gnome-shell since it provides the only greeter in Ubuntu
  - Don't depend on metacity since there is no fallback greeter any more
  - Drop suggests on gok

276. By Jeremy Bicha on 2013-05-31

[ Tim Lunn ]
* New upstream release
* debian/patches/ubuntu_dont_catch_sigsegv.patch:
  - Dropped, obsolete
* debian/rules:
  - Don't rename gdm binary since that's already been
    done in the new version

[ Jeremy Bicha ]
* debian/control.in: Bump minimum glib
* debian/watch: Watch for unstable releases
* debian/patches/00git_logind_check.patch:
  - Dropped, applied in new release
* debian/patches/08_frequent-users_greeter.patch: Refreshed

[ Robert Ancell ]
* New upstream release
* debian/patches/ubuntu_daemon_autologin_tracking.patch:
* debian/patches/ubuntu_ensure_dirs.patch:
* debian/patches/ubuntu_slave-only-set-up-autologin.patch:
  - Applied upstream

275. By Tim Lunn on 2013-05-27

* Merge changes from lightdm to fix plymouth race (LP: #982889)
  - lightdm.upstart: Add a start condition on plymouth-ready, and
    drop conditions already handled by plymouth-splash.
  - control: Depend on the new plymouth version that provides

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