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b9286a7... by dann frazier on 2018-04-24

Correct the symlink so that modules appear in the canonical path

The way we were symlinking, modules were being exposed under
/lib/modules/$kver/$kver instead of /lib/modules/$kver, placing them
out of reach of modprobe. LP: #1766723.

06d75d1... by Scott Moser on 2017-12-15

updateroot/scripts/init-bottom/updateroot: remove trailing white space

446566f... by Scott Moser on 2017-10-27

update changelog

48b3b3a... by Scott Moser on 2017-10-27

copy_exec from wherever they were in path.

Instead of hard coding path to specific binaries, search anywhere
in the PATH.

copy_exec really should offer this itself, but does not.
See https://bugs.debian.org/597580 for a solution to that.

The motivation is debian moving 'udevadm' from /sbin to /bin.

Debian: #852569

76a450f... by Scott Moser on 2017-10-27

releasing package cloud-initramfs-tools version 0.40ubuntu1

f6f5548... by Scott Moser on 2017-10-27

update changelog

ce092cb... by Scott Moser on 2017-10-27

overlayroot: Comment out the read-only line for /

The typical cloud image boot would have a line like:
  LABEL=cloudimg-rootfs / ext4 ro,defautls,noauto 0 0
and that would render 2 lines in the updated /etc/fstab:
  LABEL=cloudimg-rootfs /media/root-ro/ ext4 ro,defaults,noauto 0 0
  /media/root-ro/ / overlay lowerdir=...

The change here is to comment out the first line above.
This is to avoid systemd getting confused that /media/root-ro is
not required by / (since it is already mounted under /).

Also a removal of unused variable 'rel_file'.

LP: #1723183

28641f0... by Scott Moser on 2017-10-27

update changelog.

62c7077... by Scott Moser on 2017-10-26

remove .bzr-builddeb/

3bcd5b1... by Scott Moser on 2017-10-26

move to git