Merge lp:~daniel.bueltmann/openwns-sdk/openwns-sdk-nownsrc into lp:openwns-sdk

Proposed by Daniel Bültmann on 2009-02-06
Status: Merged
Merged at revision: not available
Proposed branch: lp:~daniel.bueltmann/openwns-sdk/openwns-sdk-nownsrc
Merge into: lp:openwns-sdk
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~daniel.bueltmann/openwns-sdk/openwns-sdk-nownsrc
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ComNets, RWTH Aachen, University 2009-02-06 Pending
ComNets, RWTH Aachen, University code review 2009-02-06 Pending
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Daniel Bültmann (daniel.bueltmann) wrote :

I removed the usage of

The code that finds the root of your openwns-sdk is now included directly in the scripts itself. You do not need to set anything in your environment before you can use the openWNS-sdk. This should be very useful, especially for script access to (buildbots, LiveCD creation, etc.)

Bring it back?

147. By Daniel Bültmann on 2009-02-09

If a user has no home, then write a default config to /tmp

148. By Daniel Bültmann on 2009-02-09

Create ~/.wns if it does not exist and the user has got a home


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