Merge lp:~daniel.bueltmann/openwns-sdk/fix-sdk-upgrade-bzr-crash-lp324348 into lp:openwns-sdk

Proposed by Daniel Bültmann
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Proposed branch: lp:~daniel.bueltmann/openwns-sdk/fix-sdk-upgrade-bzr-crash-lp324348
Merge into: lp:openwns-sdk
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~daniel.bueltmann/openwns-sdk/fix-sdk-upgrade-bzr-crash-lp324348
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Maciej Muehleisen Approve
Karsten Klagges Approve
arif.otyakmaz Pending
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Daniel Bültmann (daniel.bueltmann) wrote :

The error was actually in wnsbase/playground/builtins/Update/

I also included that RCS errors are processed in the Core and proper error messages are print to the console rather than a Python Backtrace.

Bring it back?

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Karsten Klagges (karsten.klagges) :
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