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6d7da1a... by Dan Watkins on 2019-12-04

test_network_mtu: drop duplicate decorator

6ef6327... by Dan Watkins on 2019-12-04

test_network_mtu: bump fixby date for MTU tests

8c4b225... by Ryan Harper on 2019-11-22

block-discover: don't skip partitions on virtual devices

Curtin ignored virtual devices when processing blockdev data
on disks and partitions, however, some virtual devices may also
be partitioned (e.g. raid, bcache). This caused the storage
configuration to not include the base raid and partition elements
resulting in an invalid configuration.

LP: #1853018

c9112d4... by Ryan Harper on 2019-11-21

block-discover: handle partial probe data

The probe_data provided to curtin may only include a subset of
the types of data that curtin knows how to parse. Currently if
one of the types is not present in the probe_data, curtin raises
Exceptions which prevent callers from getting any storage config
from curtin. This branch allows curtin to handle missing data
and will log the errors but not raise Exceptions, leaving the
caller to handle and decide what to do with the storage config

LP: #1852351

95197ff... by Daniel Fox <email address hidden> on 2019-11-13

Fix parsing of squashfs: uri prefix for installation sources

util.santitize_source was truncating uris which used the squashfs:
prefix by taking the index of a character rather than a slice starting
at that character. This changes fixes this issue and provides the
intended behaviour and adds a deprecation warning to point to
the supported URI: "squashfs://".

LP: #1851271

48a476b... by Ryan Harper on 2019-11-05

Release 19.3

Bump the version in curtin/__init__.py to be 19.3.

LP: #1851390

a586514... by Ryan Harper on 2019-11-04

Update HACKING.rst with Josh Powers contact info.

8e618b3... by Paride Legovini on 2019-10-28

t/jenkins-runner: replace $EPOCHSECONDS with 'date +%s'

The $EPOCHSECONDS variable has been introduced in Bash 5, and we
need jenkins-runner to stay compatible with Bash 4 for the moment.

1fbf7d8... by Ryan Harper on 2019-10-24

curthooks: skip setup_kernel_img_conf on eoan and newer

In Eoan, link_in_boot is the default so curtin no longer needs
to generate a kernel-img.conf controlling link_in_boot.

LP: #1847257

d55dbb0... by Ryan Harper on 2019-10-24

block_meta: use lookup for wwn, fix fallback from wwn, serial, path

NVMe devices may provide a ID_WWN value from udev, but the NVMe rules
do not create a by-id/wwn-$ID_WWN symlink which breaks behavior with
other ID_WWN devices resulting in curtin not finding certain NVMe
devices. Resolve this issue buy using block.lookup_disk on WWN values
as well as serial.

Additional fixes to block_meta.get_path_to_storage_volume:
- get_path_to_storage_volume will try wwn, serial, and ultimately
  path values in order to find the specified disk
- Add os.path.exists check to proposed constructed values, if the
  path is not valid, we continue to use different keys if possible.
- Updated the Exception message to indicate the volume wasn't found
  and emit the config it used.

LP: #1849322