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Ryan Harper 2019-08-08 Approve on 2019-08-08
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doc: remove intersphinx extension

We don't use it in our doc builds, and if is down then
it causes doc build issues.

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Ryan Harper (raharper) wrote :

Nice find.

review: Approve

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1diff --git a/doc/rtd/ b/doc/rtd/
2index 50eb05c..4174477 100644
3--- a/doc/rtd/
4+++ b/doc/rtd/
5@@ -27,16 +27,11 @@ project = 'Cloud-Init'
6 # Add any Sphinx extension module names here, as strings. They can be
7 # extensions coming with Sphinx (named 'sphinx.ext.*') or your custom ones.
8 extensions = [
9- 'sphinx.ext.intersphinx',
10 'sphinx.ext.autodoc',
11 'sphinx.ext.autosectionlabel',
12 'sphinx.ext.viewcode',
13 ]
15-intersphinx_mapping = {
16- 'sphinx': ('', None)
19 # The suffix of source filenames.
20 source_suffix = '.rst'


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