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Proposed by Danial Behzadi on 2015-12-30
Status: Needs review
Proposed branch: lp:~dani.behzi/bash-completion/bash-completion
Merge into: lp:bash-completion
Prerequisite: lp:ubuntu/wily/bash-completion
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VCS imports 2015-12-30 Pending
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Commit message

Adding apt autoremove completion

Description of the change

Adding support for new apt autoremove feature.

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Unmerged revisions

51. By Danial Behzadi on 2015-12-30

apt autoremove completion

50. By Brian Murray on 2015-08-12

* debian/patches/14-add-apt-bts747094.patch:
  - Fix add support for the new "apt" command. (LP: #1358154)
    Thanks to Simon D├ęziel for the initial work.

49. By Martin Pitt on 2015-05-18

* Merge with Debian unstable. Remaining Ubuntu changes:
  - debian/patches/14-add-apt-bts747094.patch: Add support for the new "apt"
    command (LP: #1358154)

48. By Michael Vogt on 2014-11-06

* debian/patches/14-add-apt-bts747094.patch:
  - add support for the new "apt" command (LP: #1358154)

47. By David Paleino on 2014-03-22

Fix dont_return_from_sourced_script.patch: typo during the patch
backport (Closes: #742362)

46. By JuanJo Ciarlante on 2014-03-13

* fix _quote_readline_by_ref to:
  - avoid escaping 1st '~' (lp: #1288314)
  - avoid quoting if empty, else expansion without args only shows dirs
    (lp: #1288031)
  - replace double escaping to single (eg for completing file/paths with

45. By j^ on 2014-03-09

* debian/patches/words_bad_array_subscript.patch
  - Fix bash: words: bad array subscript (lp: #1289597)

44. By Sebastien Bacher on 2014-02-06

* debian/patches/dpkg-ddeb.patch:
  - dpkg supports ddeb, thanks Rune Philosof (lp: #568404)

43. By Dimitri John Ledkov on 2013-12-27

* Resync with Debian, remaining diff
  * debian/patches/disable-avahi-browse.diff: Disable avahi-browse since
    it scales poorly in the current form: refresh patch
  * mark Multi-Arch:foreign
  * debian/maintscript, debian/postinst:
    - clean etc conffiles on upgrade since completion files are in /usr
      with the new version
  * patches/101_bash_completion.oga_ogv.patch: Increase support for other
    OGG formats including .oga, .ogx, etc. (LP: #311525)

* Dropped changes:
  - patches/103_colormake.patch: Add support for colormake to the make
    completion rules. (LP: #743208)

42. By Dimitri John Ledkov on 2012-10-23

Add dpkg-deb -R option

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