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lp:~czambran/ubuntu-teamreports/improvements 1 Development 2010-11-22 05:50:34 UTC
39. 1. Updated the lp_login function so t...

Author: Christian Zambrano
Revision Date: 2010-11-22 05:50:34 UTC

1. Updated the lp_login function so that it uses the launchpad test server when debugging the application and the live lp server when the app is in production
 2. The function is_admin_or_owner no longer has the simple check as this function will mainly be used by the view used to proposed a team which means that info about the team is not in the local db
 3. Added some additional checks to the function that validates the team name proposed and create the form for creating and editing report entries
 4. Updated the init-reports file to include code that sets-up the different things needed to be able to use TinyMCE
 5. Removed the hardcoded reference to the ubuntu-council-teams and made it a setting so that we can more easily update the initial teams that will be imported into the local db
 6. Updated the membership model to include an attribute that can be used to specify whether a user has permissions to add report entries for a given team
7. The report entry model now has an attribute that will track when an entry was created. This is useful for when somebody edits an entry. This was also needed because report entries usually refer to things that occurred in the past
8. Initial attempt at creating the view and template that will be used for report entries

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