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2. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre on 2013-12-24

  - Add a Build-Depends on dh-autoreconf.
  - Drop Build-Depends for autoconf, automake, autotools-dev.
* debian/patches/isoc11_drops_gets.patch: don't try to warn for use of gets,
  it's not actually used in acct and no longer in C11, which causes the
  attempt to set a warning to fail the build. (Closes: 701386)
* debian/patches/fix-texi-warnings.patch: fix warnings when building
  documentation from texi source. Thanks, Dimitry Ledkov.
* debian/patches/cross-build-support.patch: fix cross-building by removing
  the unnecessary configure checks that run a program to attempt to determine
  accounting file locations. Thanks to Steve Langasek for the patch.
  (Closes: 696204)

1. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre on 2013-12-24

* debian/rules:
  - Update to use dh. (Closes: 647015)
  - Run dh_autoreconf properly (Closes: 696204)
* debian/compat: update to compat 9.
* debian/control:
  - Bump debhelper build-depends to >= 9.
  - Update to Standards-Version 3.9.4.
* debian/patches/isoc11_drops_gets.patch: (Closes: 701386)
* debian/patches/manpage_section_ordering.patch
* Acknowledge NMU.
* New upstream release: 6.5.5
* debian/patches/03-acct-file.patch: update for new release.
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.1.
* debian/control: Drop quilt Build-Depends (not needed in 3.0 quilt format).
* debian/rules: Drop the usage of quilt.mk (and calls to patch/unpatch).
* debian/patches/581421-sa-hz-division.patch: update to unbreak specifying
  --other-acct-file for 'sa', remove other unnecessary hunks as well.
* debian/patches/12-ftbfs-kfreebsd.patch: apply patch to fix builds
  on kfreebsd, with some adjustements due to parts of the patch already
  applied upstream. Many thanks to Mats Erik Andersson for the patch.
  (Closes: 600284)
* debian/patches/441927-accton-without-args.patch: slightly update docs
  to have it agree with accton, which can't be called without arguments.
  (Closes: 441927)
* debian/control: update Maintainer entry for GPG key change.
* NMU with maintainer's blessing.
* Call autoreconf in debian/rules, add autoconf and automake to
  Thanks to Mats Erik Andersson for the hint to how to solve this.
  (closes: #579483).
* Re-add patch 03-acct-file.patch applied upstream in 6.5.1, seems the
  change is no longer there in 6.5.4. (Closes: 579483)
* Update Standards-Version to 3.9.0.
* Revert to division by CURR_AHZ rather sysconf(_SC_CLK_TCK) (Closes: 581421)
* New upstream release: 6.5.4
* Updated patch to remove last from the documentation.
  - updated debian/patches/01-last.patch
* Drop lastcomm's strict-match documentation patch, applied upstream.
  - deleted debian/patches/06-lastcomm-manpage-strict-match.patch
  - updated debian/patches/series
* Drop manpage updates to remove PD macros.
  - deleted debian/patches/07-manpage-PD-macros.patch
  - updated debian/patches/series
* Drop lastcomm manpage update for typos (B macro).
  - deleted debian/patches/08-lastcomm-manpage-hyphen-as-minus-sign.patch
  - updated debian/patches/series
* Update field descriptions for lastcomm's reports (Closes: #414300)
  - added debian/patches/414300-lastcomm-fields-descr.patch
* Update FILES section in lastcomm's manpage (Closes: #512729)
  - added debian/patches/512729-lastcomm-files.patch
  - updated debian/patches/series
* Correct default unit in sa manpage, thanks Dominique Brazziel
  (Closes: #488731)
  - added debian/patches/488731-sa-manpage-default-unit.patch
  - updates debian/patches/series
* Update acct init.d script to use lsb init-functions (Closes: #457976)
  - updated debian/acct.init.d
* Create debian/source/format, switch to format 3.0 (quilt).
  - added debian/source/format
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.4
  - update debian/control
* Drop dircategory/direntry additions to accounting.texi, applied upstream.
  - deleted debian/patches/09-info-dir-entry.patch
  - updated debian/patches/series
* New maintainer (Closes: #543825)
* New upstream release.
  - Drop patch 02-manpage.patch, applied upstream.
  - Drop patch 03-acct-file.patch. applied upstream.
  - Drop patch 04-lastcomm-forwards.patch, applied upstream.
  - Drop changes to accounting.info from 01-last.patch, file is rebuilt.
* Updated dump-acct.8 manpage (Closes: #401597)
* Sync strict-match documentation with reality (Closes: #401904)
* Add format, byteswap and ahz swiches to dump-acct manpage (Closes: #401597)
* Re-adding watch file.
* Fixed minor errors in manpages: PD macros.
* Fixed minor typo in lastcomm manpage.
* Use invoke-rc.d in daily crontab.
* Fixed depends for triggerized install-info directory building.
* Set doc-base section to System/Security.
* Added README.source
* Updated copyright to reflect licence and new upstream maintainer.
* Added dircategory and direntry entries in texinfo source.
* Install all files individually from debian/tmp using acct.install.
* Don't split HTML documentation in multiple files.
* Conversion to keep packaging in Bzr source control.
* QA upload.
* Changed Makefile.in to avoid /usr/share/info/dir.gz. Closes: #543911.
* Updating package to standards version 3.8.3.
* Sorting depends.
* Removing vcs fields.
* Orphaning package.
* Reverting config.guess and config.sub to upstream.
* Upgrading package to debhelper 7.
* Upgrading package to standards 3.8.0.
* Adding vcs fields in control file.
* Rewriting copyright file in machine-interpretable format.
* Removing watch file.
* Using patch-stamp rather than patch in rules file.
* Replacing obsolete dh_clean -k with dh_prep.
* Prefixing debhelper files with package name.
* Updating year in copyright.
* Updating standards version to 3.8.2.
* Using quilt rather than dpatch.
* Reordering rules file.
* Adding pid and ppid in dump-acct.8, thanks to Justin Pryzby
  <email address hidden> (Closes: #511425).
* Adjusted lsb header of init script, thanks Petter Reinholdtsen
  <email address hidden> (Closes: #466279).
* Bumped to new policy.
* Using new homepage field in control.
* Don't hide make errors in clean target.
* Removing historic changes entries in the first lines of changelog
  entries, they are present in the actual entries anyway but are
  causing lintian noise.
* Minor cleanups.
* Bumped to debhelper 5.
* Added lsb header to init.d.
* Added the remaining things to cron.monthly, other things were solved
  different already (Closes: #378359).
* Adapted the patch from Dean Gaudet <email address hidden> to add
  lastcomm -f - stdin and --forwards support to current acct
  (Closes: #262583).
* Fixed cron.monthly to not process the non-rotated logfile twice if the
  rotated one isn't existing (Closes: #51796).
* Forgot to remove unused var in init.d (Closes: #397134).
* New email address.
* Hardcoding location of the log files, using environment variables does not
  work for all binaries (Closes: #377835, #380744, #385626, #392045, #396444).
* Adjusted init.d script to log to syslog directly as suggested by
  Gian Piero Carrubba <email address hidden> (Closes: #208939).
* Updated sort call in cron.monthly to new syntax as found out by
  Gilles Mocellin <email address hidden> and others
  (Closes: #375712, #381492).
* Updated ac call in cron.monthly to process both $WTMP and /var/log/wtmp.1
  (Closes: #324910).
* Fixed spelling mistake in default (Closes: #392023).
* Fixed spelling mistake and incompleteness in dump-acct.8 (Closes: #392134).
* Fixed typo in init.d (Closes: #361109, #361109).
* Storing logging information for a month instead of a week (Closes: #271466).
* Rewritten init.d and fixed accton call in init.d (Closes: #361109, #361109).
* Using /etc/default/acct now to store settings
  (Closes: #219194, #353034, #361111).
* Fixed manpage error (Closes: #360098, #364589)
* Removed useless debconf message (Closes: #358698).
* Removed last documentation (Closes: #360302).
* New maintainer (Closes: #357362).
* New upstream release:
  - supporting v3 file format (Closes: #289648, #291154, #327134)
* Redone debian directory:
  - added watch file.
  - corrected copyright file (Closes: #290052).
  - fixed debconf depends (Closes: #331731).
  - removed references to non-existing pacct in dump-acct.8 (Closes: #293837).
  - removed dpatches: one was merged upstream, manpages are broken-out, and
    /usr/bin/last ist removed after compilation (less intrusive).
  - added Czech debconf translation (Closes: #282320, #287291).
  - added Finnish debconf translation (Closes: #303851).
  - added Vietnamese debconf translation (Closes: #307597).
  - updated Dansk debconf translation (Closes: #241243).
  - updated German debconf translation (Closes: #314136).
* Acknowledge NMU:
  - fixed gzipped logfile handling in cron.monthly
    (Closes: #187538, #208220, #212961).
  - adjusted logfile path for logger call in init.d (Closes: #208939).
* Acknowledging NMU's. Thanks. (closes: #187539, #198581, #198581)
* Added Co-Maintainer (me) to Uploaders field.
* Added/updated polish, greek, portuguese, japanese translations.
  (closes: #208954, #229531, #216200, #222063, #229499, #229523)
* Bumped Standars-Version to 3.6.1.
* Fix gzip support in cron.monthly to not delete/recreate the wtmp file
  (gunzip: /var/log/wtmp.1 already exists; not overwritten)
* NMU with maintainer consent
* Handled gzipped wtmp file. Closes: #187539. Thanks Tero Tilus
* Switch to po-debconf templates. Closes: #198581
* Added danish templates translation (converted to gettext). Closes: #174728
* New maintainer (closes: #177233).
* Package builded from the scratch.
* Fixed danish debconf template.
* Fixed broken output on ia64 and alpha (closes: #169099).
* debian/dump-acct.8: Clarified meaning of time field (Closes: #177020)
* debian/template: Added new debconf text in Danish (Closes: #174727)
* debian/control: Upped debconf versioned Depends to ">= 1.2.9" (lintian)
* debian/control: Small editing in Description (lintian)
* etc/init.d/acct: Applied patch by <email address hidden> to rely
  only on 'uname -r' as 'uname -a' fails on hppa (Closes: 165535)
* debian/control: s|Debian Linux|Debian GNU/Linux| (Closes: #150886)
* debian/rules: Move #DEBHELPER# to end so that /etc/init.d/acct is
  called after modes/owner chg on /var/account/pacct (Closes: #153905)
* debian/cron.monthly: Test for /var/log/wtmp.1 (Closes: #146918)
* debian/templates: Updated Russian debconf template (Closes: #136918)
* debian/templates: Updated French debconf template (Closes: #134624)
* debian/templates: New debconf text in russian (Closes: #112535)
* debian/templates: Changed Type from text to note (Closes: #106327)
* debian/templates: New debconf text in spanish (Closes: #106935)
* sa.c: Applied patch by LaMont Jones which enables compilation by
  gcc-3.0, the default compiler on the parisc architecure (Closes: #103147)
* debian/prerm: Don't call "/etc/init.d/acct stop" explicitly as
  debhelper's dh_installinit also adds a call.
* debian/{cron.daily,postinst}: change pacct to mode 0640,root.adm.
  Thanks to Manuel L√≥pez Moreno <email address hidden> (Closes: #86045)
* debian/templates: Added text for pt translation (Closes: #89439)
* debian/{pre,post}{inst,rm}: lintian cleanups
* debian/control: Added Standards-Version: back in (Closes: #86925)
* debian/control: Added Build-Depends on texinfo (Closes: #85073)
* For good measure, added a few more suggested by dpkg-genbuilddeps
* debian/templates: Added non-English debconf text text for sv, nl, es
  and a new one for fr. (Closes: #83478, #83583, #84017, #84411)
* debian/control: Build-Depends on texi2html and no longer on tetex-bin
* debian/cron.monthly: Special case for logrotate (Closes: #68043)
* debian/control: Add texi2html to Build-Depends (Closes: #67531)
* debian/rules: Install dump-acct.8 and dump-utmp.8 which were
  contributed by Ognyan Kulev <email address hidden>
* debian/templates: Apply Italian debconf text (Closes: #64160)
* debian/templates: Also added German and French text
* debian/control: Added Build-Depends: information (Closes: #51840)
* postinst: Added db_stop upon Joey Hess' advice (Closes: #50043)
* control: Upgraded to Policy 3.1.0
* Ah, the joys of new technology. Helping out with the whirlwind upgrade
  to the new debconf, we were bitten by a simple mistake in the config
  file. Thanks again to Joey Hess for a quick fix (Closes: #48861)
* control: Require debconf >= 0.2
* preinst: Test for install-docs (fixes Lintian error)
* postinst, config: Small debconf changes, kindly supplied by Joey Hess
* Integrated Joey Hess' changes for debconf.
* debian/rules: Adapted to use /usr/share/ following the recommendation
  on FHS transition from the Technical Committee
* debian/control: Upgraded to Debian Policy 3.0.1
* debian/control: Removed obsolete note about required kernel patch
* Upgraded to new Debian Perl Policy
* Recompiled on a 2.2.* system
* debian/rules: Define -DHAVE_LINUX_ACCT_H=1 in order to use acct.h from
  the 2.2.9 kernel and not sys.h from glibc-2.0
* debian/acctdump: No longer installed as it works neither with
  linux/acct.h, nor with sys/acct.h (and there still is dump-acct)
* compare_kernel_version:
  -- changed to use POSIX::uname, not `uname`
  -- added run-time flag -d for debug mode
  -- corrected return value logic (fixes #37421)
* compare_kernel_version.8: added a simple manual page
* Recompiled under 2.2.* kernel (#18314, #24085)
* Added a simple script /usr/sbin/compare_kernel_version to test the
  running kernel against a command-line argument specifying a minimum
  kernel version
* postinst: test for kernel >= 2.2 and, if needed, display a message
  suggesting the slink version of the package
* /etc/init.d/acct: test for kernel >= 2.2 and exit early with short
  mesage if installed kernel does not match (ie < 2.2)
* debian/prerm: Call /etc/init.d/acct to stop accounting as this more
  robust against missing Accounting support in the kernel. (fixes #32711)
* debian/control: Added note that Accounting support has to be compiled
  into the kernel for this to work.
* debian/control: Deleted stale text errenously left over (fixes #32616)
* debian/{rules,postinst,postrm}: Removed support for html documentation
  through menu as it is now provided by doc-base
* Added support for doc-base
* [cron.daily, cron.monthly] Added tests for the existence of
  /usr/sbin/accton. This helps for cases where acct is removed, but not
  purged, and these conffiles are still around. (fixes #29340)
* Corrected typos in console messages in /etc/init.d/acct (fixes #23480)
* Changed /etc/init.d/acct by adding two 'set +e; ... set -e' blocks
  so that missing accounting support is properly recognised in all
  branches of the script (fixes #23282)
* Upgraded to new upstream version 6.3.5 (fixes #3249)
* This version does not work under 2.1.* kernels which the upstream
  author is trying to rectify.
* Changed debian/rules to not install last.1 as we don't install the
  last(1) command from acct (but rather sysvinit's) (fixes #22215)
* Removed the note regarding accounting patch for kernels younger than
  1.3.72 from debian/copyright and debian/control. Thanks to Richard
  Braakman <email address hidden> for pointing this out (fixes #21334)
* Added the 'acctdump' program which was provided by Ian Jackson
  <email address hidden> (fixes #20839)
* Upgraded debian/rules to debhelper
* Upgraded to Debian Policy 2.4.1
* Really changed /etc/init.d/acct so that logger reports to
  /var/log/daemon.log and not to /var/adm/daemon.log (fixes #18763)
* Upgraded to new upstream version 6.3.2
* Changed /etc/init.d/acct so that logger reports to /var/log/daemon.log
  and not to /var/adm/daemon.log (fixes #18763)
* Fixed FSF address in copyright (lintian)
* Redirect update-rc.d call to /dev/null in postrm (lintian)
* Added force-reload and restart targets to /etc/init.d/acct (lintian)
* Created links to ../man7/undocumented.7.gz in lieu of manual pages
  for the two utility programs dump-acct and dump-utmp (lintian)
* Upgraded to Debian Policy
* Upgraded to new upstream version 6.3 (which has been promoted from
  alpha.gnu.mit.edu to the brave GNU world of prep.ai.mit.edu)
* Compiled with GNU libc2 aka libc6
* Now ships the unmodified upstream source as acct_6.3.orig.tar.gz
* Changed debian/rules to also create accounting.html via texi2html
* Added menu entry for html documentation
* Added a variable to /etc/init.d/acct so that acct is installed but
  not started automatically if this variable is unset (fixes bug #11126)
* Changed /etc/cron.daily/acct to call acct via /etc/init.d/acct and not
  directly so that the new variable is tested (fixes bug #11126)
* The preinst no longer stops accounting during an upgrade as this is
  already done by the the postrm of the replaced packaged (fixes bug#7320)
* No longer installs acct.5 which is provided by the manpages package
* Use logger(1) to report unexpected return calls from accton(8) as
  suggested by Russell John Coker <email address hidden>
* Converted to Debian Standard (fixes #7121)
* Changed maintainer email address to <email address hidden>
* acct-6.2-2 release
* debian.rules: fixed copyright installation (fixes bug#3738)
* acct-6.2-1 release
* acct.rc: /etc/init.d/acct tests for accton (fixes bug#3513)
* debian.rules: compress man pages with gzip -9

* debian.postrm: "purge" now deletes /var/account directory
* debian.control: changed description
* acct-6.2-0 release: updated to new upstream version acct-6.2
* acct-6.1-0 release
* converted to new upstream version acct-6.1 (fixes bug#2069)
* added man pages for the acct commands that were provided by
  Susan G. Kleinmann <email address hidden> and a simple acct.5 man
  page (fixes bug#1737)
* ac.c: added a space to printf format (should fix bug#2283)

* debian.rules: provide only acct, last is now provided by sysvinit
* debian.control: added Architecture: field
* acct.daily: exit(0) so that cron doesn't get the errno from accton.c
* acct-5-13 and last-5-13 release
* debian.control: ELF release, depends on libc5
* acct-5-12 and last-5-12 release
* uid_hash.h (NAME_LEN): fixed bug#1651 reported and patched by
  Austin Donnelly <email address hidden>
* acct-5-11 and last-5-11 release
* debian.postinst: call update-rc.d (fixes bug #1622)
* dropped `alpha' from package names, now acct-5-10 and last-5-10
* accton.c: exit() now returns value of `errno' and /etc/init.d/acct
  examines that value; this gives better messages

* accounting.texi: added a missing formatter for @item
* last.1 man page addded
* debian.control, debian.README: fixed bug #1486 by adding a note
  that 'sa' is unavailable due to missing support in the current
  kernel patch
* acct-alpha-5-8 and last-alpha-5-8
* first separate release of 'last' package
* changed control file for acct (fixes bugs #1415, #1131 and #969)
* silent when accton fails during installation (fixes bug #1415)
* new maintainer
 monthly login accounting, and to start process accounting at system
 start time
 as ACCT_FILE, /var/account/wtmp as WTMP_FILE, /var/account/savacct
 as SAVACCT_FILE, and /var/account/usracct as USRACCT_FILE)

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