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ad212d6... by OpenStack Release Bot <email address hidden>

Update .gitreview for unmaintained/wallaby

Change-Id: I3ad5d8db7e2163be4888c19665f2020c9d7a3dd8

ae38e4e... by Wenping Song

Resolve mysql conflict message

Mysql duplicate key error message changed, so resolve it as reference link:

Closes-Bug: #1939970
Change-Id: If503b922b0271581a05f5ff4016b9a00b908f2e4
(cherry picked from commit b4f0fd69410dea38810be10a08984db29c699523)

c6ebee1... by chenker

Using pop method to avoid incompatible data type

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
TypeError: 'set' object does not support indexing

for set, use pop method instead of index.

Change-Id: I33523ddb8aabf45eb11dd9816c52b0ef77d05296
(cherry picked from commit abe9f40fba0e11ee5549489b86fb5c23c83fdea4)

7fbae95... by Brin Zhang

Remove personal name in the docs

Closes-Bug: #1923009

Change-Id: I47ece21ca2c365b2bf9aedc1d5a2592d6c772b4d
(cherry picked from commit a8979b263424d7e9ad66a7a50182ee7d4e2decc5)

4040843... by Wenping Song

Revert device_profile key to show device profile API

This patch[1] remove the 'device_profile' key in the get device profile
api, which affects the stable/* branch's CI job such as [2], and the
'device_profile' can not be removed from the response. In the future,
we can use add a microversion to support removing it, that can be
unified with other APIs like devices and arqs.



Closes-Bug: #1922183
Change-Id: I03ccdd6799f25e5ffa987d36955759705e0750b3
(cherry picked from commit 008c3668c04d3f98362fed9502ffaba731d15763)

8ac560b... by Brin Zhang

tools: Allow to be disabled by an env var

The checks performed by this script aren't always useful to downstream
consumers of the repo so allow them to disable the script without having
to make changes to tox.ini.

We use the $commit_hash variable for the check for stable-only patches,
else it will incorrectly fail because it is checking the merge patch's
commit message.

Change-Id: I553fdda626b8afb8949d5ae9fc170caf87d31032
(cherry picked from commit 891c1de79ae99b233a678b1412f8548997e97dde)

cbb9857... by OpenStack Release Bot <email address hidden>

[stable-only] Update TOX_CONSTRAINTS_FILE for stable/wallaby

Update the URL to the upper-constraints file to point to the redirect
rule on so that anyone working on this branch
will switch to the correct upper-constraints list automatically when
the requirements repository branches.

Until the requirements repository has as stable/wallaby branch, tests will
continue to use the upper-constraints list on master.

Change-Id: I21aee14eb03f93c3a51dbed298b057ffbaecce90

cc87094... by OpenStack Release Bot <email address hidden>

[stable-only] Update .gitreview for stable/wallaby

Change-Id: Iedf160dbe9061e62bcaf7a7e836739fbe8cc85d4

f9835cf... by Zuul <email address hidden>

Merge "Remove ARQInvalidState exception"

2e6e87c... by Zuul <email address hidden>

Merge "Revert "remove py37""