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91e5ff8... by Ryan Harper

releasing curtin version 19.3-26-g82f23e3d-0ubuntu1~19.10.1

9e51015... by Ryan Harper

update changelog (New upstream snapshot 19.3-26-g82f23e3d).

4dcb6aa... by Ryan Harper

merge from upstream/master at 19.3-26-g82f23e3d

82f23e3... by Ryan Harper

install-grub: refactor uefi partition/disk searching

Refactor the code used to determine the partition and disk where the
ESP resides. There were a few issues:

 - Disks and partitions are of type 'block' which requires the use of
   [ -b ] or [ -e ]; [ -f ] returns false for block devices.
 - The use of lsblk -on pkname exposed a bug in util-linux where pkname
   did not return a value.

This branch adds additional debug logging and safety checks for any
calculated value and fails on empty values. We replace use of lsblk
with use of sysfs to calculate the parent disk of the partition. Add
a vmtest to verify the path where we use efibootmgr to create an entry.

LP: #1862846

2fa55b9... by Paul Tobias

doc: update Canonical contributors URL

The link shows a 404
error. Replace it with the current Canonical contributor
license agreement page.

4d468ef... by Ryan Harper

block-discover: detect additional "extended" partition types in MBR

Surprise! There are additional encoding values for "extended" partitions
in MBRs. Add the 3 additional values (0x5, 0x85, 0xC5) to the mapping
table and add unittest using provided probe data.

LP: #1861251

42963bc... by Ryan Harper

vmtests: skip focal bcache tests due to kernel bug

073bc43... by Ryan Harper

net/ detect openvswitch cfg and install openvswitch packages

Scan the provided network-config and if openvswitch keywords are
present then install the require openvswitch packages into the
target system.

- Enable both version detections, top-level openvswitch and as
- Also detect renderer values and install the required renderer
- Add vmtest to verify package is installed

14c0560... by Ryan Harper

vmtest: collection of vmtest related fixes to make things triple green

- Convert a number of fstab_expected values to
  get_fstab_expected functions
- Handle raid partition lsblk type variance (md or part)
- Add logging to volspec calculation
- Handle lvm DM_NAME escaping by querying udev
- Fix "apt" error code which was result of rootfs too full on
  bcache-ceph-nvme-simple Focal scenario
- Skip iscsi disk cleanup when using VMTEST_REUSE_TOPDIR=1
  to rerun unittests over collected data

29cfab3... by Ryan Harper

clear-holders: umap the parent mpath to wipe the underlying partitions

In some multipath scenarios access to the underlying partitions is
not possible without removing the parent multipath mapping. This can
only be done if all of the mpath partitions have been unmapped.
Detect when this is the case and remove the parent mpath mapping
as well. This fixes vmtest failures found with