Last commit made on 2019-08-28
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d7614dc... by Ryan Harper on 2019-08-28

releasing curtin version 19.2-9-g38ce22b0-0ubuntu1

474a2b5... by Ryan Harper on 2019-08-28

update changelog (New upstream snapshot 19.2-9-g38ce22b0).

5477720... by Ryan Harper on 2019-08-28

merge from upstream/master at 19.2-9-g38ce22b0

38ce22b... by Ryan Harper on 2019-08-27

vmtest: fix typo in EoanBcacheBasic test name

b36da8f... by Ryan Harper on 2019-08-27

storage schema: Update nvme wwn regex to allow for nvme wwid format

As the installer is more widely used, we're encountering more variance
in the WWN formats. This branch updates the nvme regex to accept the
WWID format in addition to the EUI format previously fixed.

LP: #1841321

d0a3721... by Reed Slaby <email address hidden> on 2019-08-24

Allow EUI-64 formatted WWNs for disks and accept NVMe partition naming

Added WWNs matching the EUI-64 format (e.g. eui.0011223344556677) to
the list of valid WWNs in the DISK schema definition.

Altered storage parser to allow partitions named like /dev/nvmeXnXpX.
These were previously discarded since the naming scheme does not match
traditional HDD/SSD drives.

LP: #1840524

fdd8edf... by Dan Watkins on 2019-08-21

releasing curtin version 19.2-6-g88a1a7ec-0ubuntu1

b0fe9fc... by Dan Watkins on 2019-08-21

* debian/control: drop Build-Depends on linting tools, they haven't been
  used by the upstream test suite in a while.

72c0ac3... by Dan Watkins on 2019-08-21

* debian/*: drop python-curtin, making the package Python 3-only.

ef542cc... by Dan Watkins on 2019-08-21

update changelog (New upstream snapshot 19.2-6-g88a1a7ec).