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aa00374... by Ryan Harper on 2018-04-18

releasing curtin version 18.1-5-g572ae5d6-0ubuntu1

768d73a... by Ryan Harper on 2018-04-18

update changelog (New upstream snapshot 18.1-5-g572ae5d6).

1da8c06... by Ryan Harper on 2018-04-18

merge from upstream/master at 18.1-5-g572ae5d6

572ae5d... by Ryan Harper on 2018-04-18

clear-holders: fix lvm name use when shutting down

The shutdown_lvm handler was reconstructing the name of
the lvm device incorrectly if the vg or lv name included
a hyphen. LVM requires names with hyphens to duplicate the hyphen.
Resolve this issue by keeping the original name from the sysfs
entry and using that when issuing the dmsetup command.

LP: #1764602

1d4d17c... by Ryan Harper on 2018-04-17

install: prevent unmount: disabled from swallowing installation failures

Using a 'return' or 'break' command in a finally block will discard
any saved exception. The return also removed a code path preventing
the install stage from applying any power state. Fix by converting to
an if/else.

LP: #1764210

fc19cec... by Ryan Harper on 2018-04-17

vmtest: bionic images no longer use the vlan package

Bionic images do not use the 'vlan' package to provide vlan
network configuration; skip this on bionic images.

2ee5245... by Scott Moser on 2018-04-13

pycodestyle: Fix invalid escape sequences in string literals.

A bit of information from python doc that I got by never having known:
  String literals may optionally be prefixed with a letter `r' or `R';
  such strings are called raw strings and use different rules for
  backslash escape sequences.
  Unless an `r' or `R' prefix is present, escape sequences in strings are
  interpreted according to rules similar to those used by Standard C.

So basically, any use of \ not followed by one of [\'"abfnrtv]
or \ooo (octal) \xhh (hex) or a newline is invalid. This is most
commonly seen for us in regex. To solve, you either:
 a.) use a raw string r'...'
 b.) correctly escape the \ that was not intended to be interpreted.

Python has deprecated these invalid string literals now
and pycodestyle is identifying them with a W605 warning.

45564ee... by Scott Moser on 2018-03-28

Drop ubuntu branch management script new-upstream-snapshot.

This script was used for managing our ubuntu/ branches.
Instead of maintaining it here, we have moved it to another location.

ad8bcca... by Chad Smith on 2018-03-27

Release 18.1

72edda2... by Ryan Harper on 2018-03-27

zfs/zpool version=28 by default, allow users to override default values.

Include documentation note and link to openzfs wiki for furthe details
around compatibility and features.

LP: #1754013