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f964495... by Ryan Harper

update changelog

119887c... by Ryan Harper

d/control: drop probert dependency for Cosmic

Probert is not in main, cannot depend on probert

LP: #1831757

42864af... by Ryan Harper

releasing curtin version 19.1-7-g37a7a0f4-0ubuntu1~18.10.1

27fa2f0... by Ryan Harper

update changelog (New upstream snapshot 19.1-7-g37a7a0f4).

58159e5... by Ryan Harper

merge from upstream at 19.1-7-g37a7a0f4

37a7a0f... by Ryan Harper

vmtests: determine block name via dname when verifying volume groups

The LVM tests verify `pvs` output to check that a VG is composed of
the specified devices from the storage config. The current test
expected /dev/sda, /dev/sdb for certain VGs, however, sda/sdb kernel
names are not stable and sometimes we would fail to verify when the
order was swapped. Instead we now look up the dname, which is stable
to determine the kname of the specific disk at runtime and use that
to verify the VG is composed of the correct devices.

a5de952... by Ryan Harper

vmtest: add Centos66/Centos70 FromBionic release and re-add tests

Newer MAAS will use Bionic to deploy Centos and curtin until now
did not test this path. Critically, Centos66 has issues with ext4
features that are enabled by default in Bionic and newer, namely
'64bit' and 'metadata_csum'. These features break centos66 grub
probing which results in failed deployment, LP: #1775424.

Add additional Centos66/70 tests to verify installing from Bionic
is successful. For Centos66, we test the known workaround which is
to use 'ext3' as the root filesystem, and we introduce a test-case
which recreates the failure (
but leave it disabled by default.

b828a0f... by Ryan Harper

block-discover: add cli/API for exporting existing storage to config

Curtin can now probe an existing system for block devices and convert that
information into a storage_config yaml document representing the devices,
partitions, filesystems, etc as they would be if created from scratch.

This cli and API depend upon probert for discovery and
curtin.storage_config.validate_config to generate valid configs.

7ab5ed7... by Ryan Harper

vmtest: refactor test_network code for Eoan

Eoan images no longer contain 'route' and 'route6' from 'net-tools'
package. If the output is not present, rely on 'ip route show' and
'ip 6 route show' output instead.

0049e0a... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

curthoooks: disable daemons while reconfiguring mdadm

By switching from subp(..., target=...) to ChrootableTarget.

LP: #1829325.