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0ccaf7f... by Ryan Harper on 2019-02-28

releasing curtin version 18.2-10-g7afd77fa-0ubuntu1~18.04.1

25616b7... by Ryan Harper on 2019-02-28

update changelog (New upstream snapshot 18.2-10-g7afd77fa).

66fd852... by Ryan Harper on 2019-02-28

merge from upstream/master at 18.2-10-g7afd77fa

7afd77f... by Jean-Baptiste Lallement on 2019-02-15

Support for multi-layers images fsimage-layered:// URI

Curtin can now download and mount a layered filesystem image for use
as a source image. Local file or url are supported. Filesystem can be
any filesystem type mountable by the running kernel.

A "fsimage-layered" install source is a string representing one or
more mountable images from a single local or remote directory. The
string is dot-separated where each value between the dots represents a
particular image and the location of the name within the string
encodes the order in which it is to be mounted. The resulting list of
images are downloaded (if needed) then mounted and overlayed into a
single directory which is used as the source for installation.

See documentation for further details.

35fd01f... by Ryan Harper on 2019-02-08

dname: relax dname req for disk serial/wwn presence for compatibility

Allow disks without serial/wwn values to have dnames and do not raise
a RuntimeError exception which prevented legacy KVM pods from deploying
as their VM configuration lacked disk serial numbers. Per discussion
in the bug, prefer compatibility with these systems, allow dname to remain
unstable and provide a warning in the install log but do not fail
deployment. Update dname match attributes to: ID_WWN_WITH_EXTENSION,

LP: #1735839

45187fc... by Paride Legovini on 2019-01-31

flake8: fix some E117 over-indented issues

b473fd5... by Ryan Harper on 2019-01-29

bcache: ensure partitions on bcache devices are detected as partition

In some cases, when curtin is discovering existing storage devices, a
bcache device with partitions created on top of it, may be recognized
as a bcache device, rather than a partition. If curtin treats a
bcache partition as a bcache device, it will attempt to write to
non-existent files on /sys which results in a failure after timing
out. Resolve this issue by detecting if the target device is a
partition inside the bcache identity function.

77082ab... by Ryan Harper on 2019-01-25

vmtest: bump skip_by_date out a year for trusty bcache bug

a523246... by Paride Legovini on 2019-01-25

Fix typo in doc/topics/integration-testing.rst.

1a262a7... by Ryan Harper on 2019-01-25

flake8: Fix two issues found with new version of flake8

Fixed two issues found by updated flake8.
 - use ==/!= to compare str, bytes, and int literals
 - fix reference before assignment using common util