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9c5acef... by Dan Bungert

commands/apt: use python-apt for sources.list

Start using python{,3}-apt for sources.list handling.
generate_sources_list now operates in a pipeline-like model, where each
stage performs one specific transformation on the list of entries.

345d17f... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

curthooks: always install shim-signed if available (when UEFI booted)

Rather than just on amd64. It's been available on arm64 since at least
20.04 (and is in bionic-updates).

fd6b2a0... by Dan Bungert

tox,control: fix jenkins CI jobs

Restore noproxy to support the CI jobs.
Adding sitepackages means that lookup of commands gets weird, but using
{envpython} -m foo solves that.
So we need two {envpythons}, one for noproxy, one for nose.
We could stuff that into the noproxy script but that would be unexpected
for a script that only adjusts the environment then execs the real

Also include python3-apt in the control file.

7d84996... by Dan Bungert

tests: update to demonstrate python-apt functional

Prior to pulling in python{,3}-apt functionality, show a simple set of
tests that demonstrate that it is functional in the test environments.

The noproxy script has been removed from tox.ini because we need to
set sitepackages=True to get python-apt, but doing so means we need to
find nose with 'python -m'. Also, it's safe to remove 'noproxy'
becuase the operation it was doing was a no-op for tox anyhow (those
proxy variables are not getting passed thru unless we set them
manually in tox.ini)

With noproxy unused by tox, it had no users, so remove it entirely.

809817f... by Lukas Märdian

block:lvm: search encrypted volumes for LVM

This reverts my optimistic fix for bug 1895192 and replaces it
with Lukas' more cautious fix.

We should debug why things are failing with my fix but not with
20.04.3 imminent.

LP: #1940687

cf07c23... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

mdadm: allow installation to a syncing array

LP: #1939563

6c07453... by Dan Bungert

vmtests: s/Groovy/Impish

* Use vmtest-{add,remove}-release to remove Groovy, and add Impish.
* vmtest-{add,remove}-release: set default path

40a09ae... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

tweak making mountpoints private some more

My recent change to move the making of mountpoints private into
do_umount actually made it ineffective. I tried to change things
so that we always made mountpoints private before unmounting them
but that ran into problems of its own. So I changed do_umount to
have a "private" flag ChrootableTarget.__exit__ could use to
request that mountpoints be made private before unmounting, which
makes things work again but I still don't see how to make a
generally robust "curtin unmount" command, as explained at length
in the comment I added.

8d8687f... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

curthooks: do not unconditionally copy e/n/interfaces to target

When I tried to install a more-minimal server image using curtin, it
failed in copy_interfaces because the image did not have an /etc/network
directory at all (full ubuntu-server images have this directory because
ethtool installs files in there). Fix this by shuffling around how the
$state_dir/interfaces file is handled a bit: basically it used to always
be created by the install commmand and then updated by the net-meta
command. Change this to have the file only be created by net-meta, then
curthooks can copy it if and only if it exists.

49626ef... by Lukas Märdian

block: handle /dev/mapper/* in dev_path()

Fixes LP: #1895192