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7f6415d... by Dan Watkins

release 19.1

1d1a577... by Ryan Harper

vmtest: add missing skip_by_date on Eoan test_network_mtu

cdddfe5... by Ryan Harper

vmtest: remove skip_by_date on Disco Allindata test

This test now passes so remove the skip_by_date decorator.

6e82b6f... by Ryan Harper

block: support multipath devices in lookup and partition_kname

- Add support for detecting multipath devices and members
- Add handling to clear-holders for removing multipath partitions
- Update block.lookup_disk to return multipath member devices
- Add support to "hide" a multipath dm device while operating on
  a single path member.
- vmtest: update xkvm to pass serial/wwn correctly for multipath
  udev rules
- vmtest: update basic_scsi configuration and drop unused extra

LP: #1813228

7407947... by Ryan Harper

grub: add grub config to control os_prober,terminal settings in target

Curtin by default writes out some overrides to the default grub
behavior that is desirable for a MAAS installed machine. Curtin
now has two other use-cases where these defaults are not the
best choice. When installing a pet-system, it is far more likely
that the user has additional operating systems which they would
prefer to have grub discover and they may have different terminal
settings which make more sense than serial console.

- Add 'probe_additional_os' boolean, defaulting to False, which
  retains the default behavior of curtin for MAAS.
- Add 'terminal' key which will allows users to specify what
  terminal value for grub to use.

fda8c16... by Paride Legovini

vmtest: add eoan tests

a330eb3... by Paride Legovini

vmtest: add dependency on python3-jsonschema

python3-jsonschema is needed to perform the schema-validate stage of the
vmtest target. This branch makes vmtest-system-setup install the package
among the other vmtest dependencies.

3bd9b2c... by Paride Legovini

Pylint compatibility with Python 3.7

 * tox.ini: depend on a newer version of Pylint
 * Don't trigger E1101 for dynamically generated members (DISTROS.*)

LP: #1828229

28aad60... by Ryan Harper

vmtest: disable disco multipath test

Disco images now contain multipath packages and daemon enabled.
This affects how partitions are found when the underlying disk
is mpath enabled. This will be addressed in another branch, for
now disable the tests affected until it lands.

1e2731d... by Ryan Harper

vmtests: bump network mtu tests out a bit

Need a bit more time to verify what should and won't work;
particular interest in whether setting a higher ipv6 mtu
will force device mtu to the same level or not.