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19. By Cubic PPA on 2020-12-18

Continuing work on Bug #1853914, Request ability to add a whole folder directly into preseed. Fixed minor bugs in the files_tab and files_tree modules. Linked the help for the Preseed Copy page and the Boot Copy page to the existing help for Terminal Copy page. Renamed iso_boot_copy_page to boot_copy_page, iso_boot_tab to boot_tab, and iso_kernel_tab to kernel_tab. Added missing tool tips to buttons. Made all header bar buttons not focus on click. Increased the width of the application by 18 pixels to accommodate the additional header bar buttons on the Preseed tab. Resized the application to fit in a 1204x728 display, even if the dock is on the bottom. This decreased the application window height by 26 pixels. Included a 1px border for all pages so the slide transition looks better when switching between the terminal page and other pages.

18. By Cubic PPA on 2020-12-14

Refactored the code to import the full python modules rather than individual classes, methods, or values for compliance with Python coding standards. Standardize all sleep times into the constants module. Consolidated font, source language, and source style constants in the displayer module. Simplified cubic.py; moved Terminal page code to the terminal module. Removed Elementary OS specific *.ui files. Renamed commands: delete to delete-path, mount to mount-iso, migrate-directory to move-path, start-virtual-environment to start-console, stop-virtual-environment to stop-console, terminate-process to stop-process, unmount to unmount-iso.

17. By Cubic PPA on 2020-12-13

Continuing work on Bug #1853914, Request ability to add a whole folder directly into preseed. If the preseed directory does not exist, create it. Resolves the following AttributeError exceptions in the files_tree module: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'filter' 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'remove_watches' Resolved missing VERSION_NUMBER_FORMAT constant when generating a new version number.

16. By Cubic PPA on 2020-12-13

Continuing work on Bug #1853914, Request ability to add a whole folder directly into preseed. On the Generate page, replaced the scrolled text area, displaying status as preseed, boot, and kernel files are copied, with a progress bar, displaying percent complete as the the vmlinuz and initrd kernel files are copied, because the preseed and boot configuration files are now saved immediately on the corresponding tabs of the Options page. Improved how README.diskdefines is updated on the Generate page. Made the date in README.diskdefines and .disk/info consistent with the modify date in cubic.conf. Changed the application to always refresh the modify date when leaving the Project page. Working on Bug #1907873, Make version information available in the customized OS. Improved the readability of custom iso volume id by truncating it at the last space, within a tolerance of five characters, if it is longer than 32 characters. Updated the release description (i.e. the output of the Description: Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS command) to display the custom iso volume id and the date the project was updated using Cubic. Added the 'replace-text' command. The release description will only be updated if the volume id has changed on the Project page. This permits the user to assign a custom value for release description on the Terminal page without it being overwritten on subsequent project customizations (unless the user changes the custom iso volume id on the Project page). Set the locale to the user's default setting. Updated all displayed dates to use the default locale format (Ex: 'Sat 12 Dec 2020 06:54:00 PM' for the 'en_US.UTF-8' locale).

15. By Cubic PPA on 2020-12-09

Continuing work on Bug #1905098, Failed to generate ISO for Ubuntu 20.10. Added support for newer "2021" cubic.conf layout to configuration. Designated the current layout as the "2020" version. Added an additional check for the word "classic" in the version in order to select the 2019 layout. Renamed "iso_template_code" to "iso_template" for succinctness. Delete the ".#custom-root.lck" virtual environment lock file when a project is deleted on the Delete page or the Finish page.

14. By Cubic PPA on 2020-12-07

Sorted packages and updated the description in the debian control file.

13. By Cubic PPA on 2020-12-07

Reverted (removed) fdisk dependency introduced in revision 11, because it is no longer required, and consequently corrected the failed build issue due to an error in the debian control file.

12. By Cubic PPA on 2020-12-07

Continuing work on Bug #1905098, Failed to generate ISO for Ubuntu 20.10. Devised a new mechanism to repackage the ISOs more reliably. Renamed "iso_category_code" to "iso_template_code" in cubic.conf. Store ISO parameters in the "iso template code" and use these to generate a new ISO with the same parameters as the original ISO. This approach should allow Cubic to automatically and reliably support ISOs from multiple Ubuntu based distros. On the Extract page, identify the "iso template code", and extract and save boot partition images from the original ISO. Removed code to explicitly handled MBR ad EFI partitions. Removed multiple xorisso commands that handled different versions of Ubuntu. Added color error messages to the Start page, Project page, and Extract page. Added a warning message on the Start page to notify the user if previous ISO boot and preseed file changes will be overwritten (as a consequence of Cubic copying information from the original ISO to populate the new "iso template code" parameter). Re-validate the Start page when returning from the Project page, since some information may have changed. When quitting Cubic from the Terminal Copy page, explicitly exit the virtual terminal (because the terminal continues running whenever the the application navigates away from the Terminal page). Delete the ".#custom-root.lck" file whenever a project is deleted. Delete the boot partition image files (1.img, 1.2.img, etc.) whenever a project is deleted.

11. By Cubic PPA on 2020-12-04

Working on Bug #1905098, Failed to generate ISO for Ubuntu 20.10. Reordered the steps on the Extract page. Introduced "iso category code" in the cubic.conf file. Identify the "category" of the original ISO on the Extract page. Prevent the user from proceeding past the Extract page if the new ISO can not be generated; this alleviates the situation where the user reaches the Generate page and encounters an error. Extract the MBR and EFI partitions from the original ISO and use these images to generate the new custom ISO for Ubuntu 20.10. Added fdisk as a required package to get ISO partition information. Allow blank values for boolean fields in the cubic.conf file. Follow symlinks when searching for the directory of a given file (see the file_utilities.get_directory_for_file() function).

10. By Cubic PPA on 2020-12-01

Added slide transitions when navigating between pages.

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