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664. By Matthew Fuller on 2019-07-21

Merge branch that 4.0.3 release was created off of. This includes the
first few bugfixes since 4.0.1 up to before the RLayout/RANDR support,
plus the backport of the OTP fix. That crash bug is deemed serious
enough to be worth a snap point release, rather than waiting for a new
minor with the RLayout bits.

663. By Matthew Fuller on 2019-07-14

make indent

662. By Matthew Fuller on 2019-07-14

Fixup OTP issues around fullscreen/focused windows with transients.

Because of the focus status changes implicitly changing the OTP layer,
we have to move the window and all its transients in the OWL stack.
However, existing code didn't try to move them all, and even if it
did, it made assumptions about how to find them that aren't exactly
valid. Instead, change over to explicit functions for the un/focus
handling of focus-sensitive windows that know the facts of that and
the innards of OTP, rather than trying to use the generic restack

This is probably not the best solution, and may be reworked. However,
it's pretty uninvasive, so is well positioned for backporting as

661. By Matthew Fuller on 2019-07-08

Slightly improve some of the OTP assertion failure output.

Convert the assertion of priority going backward from an assert() to a
conditional, so we can actually output useful info when it happens.
Pretty-print the whole OWL chain when it triggers, so we can have a
prayer of figuring out what happened without finding a quick way to
trigger it and spending hours sprinkling extra printf's around.

660. By Matthew Fuller on 2019-07-07

Merge a few minor non-functional cleanups.

- Allow 'make test' to work from a clean tree.
- Add the test files to the list of what 'make indent' hits.

659. By Matthew Fuller on 2019-07-07

Add support for MonitorLayout {} config section.

This allows directly specifying the layout of monitors, overriding any
automatic detection via RANDR etc. It can be useful if your server
doesn't support RANDR, or even if it does but you prefer to describe your
desktop in a different way.

This can permit easily using Xephyr's multiscreen xinerama support (which
doesn't describe the screens as separate outputs via RANDR) to simulate
two monitors, or splitting one ultra-wide real or Xephyr/Xnest display
into two virtual sections.

658. By Matthew Fuller on 2019-07-07

Clear out a dev debug line accidentally left in.

657. By Matthew Fuller on 2019-07-05

Implement a callback to allow tests to hijack the startup process after
parsing the config file.

This allows tests to call into ctwm_main() and let ctwm act like it's
starting up perfectly normally, but then yank control back and do things
like inspect Scr. Use this to convert test_m4 to actually test the
results of the config processing and be sure the values we expect got
loaded, rather than just --cfgchk'ing and making sure it didn't fail to

656. By Matthew Fuller on 2018-12-16

Adjust SVG refs to use faked fragment id's rather than query params.
This lets HTTP caching only pull it once.

655. By Matthew Fuller on 2018-12-16

Add some documentation of RLayout and friends.

This is a little sketchy at the moment. On the one hand, we should
add a little more code-walkthru to the examples to better serve
developer documentation uses. And on the other, the description of
how the zoom's work with worked examples would probably be a nice
addition to our user documentation, at such a time as we have any
other than effectively a manpage. Still, it's a step in the right

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