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656. By Matthew Fuller on 2018-12-16

Adjust SVG refs to use faked fragment id's rather than query params.
This lets HTTP caching only pull it once.

655. By Matthew Fuller on 2018-12-16

Add some documentation of RLayout and friends.

This is a little sketchy at the moment. On the one hand, we should
add a little more code-walkthru to the examples to better serve
developer documentation uses. And on the other, the description of
how the zoom's work with worked examples would probably be a nice
addition to our user documentation, at such a time as we have any
other than effectively a manpage. Still, it's a step in the right

654. By Matthew Fuller on 2018-12-03

Some minor cleanup and improvement of the code behind our tests. No
functional change to the actual test running.

Principally this is improving the macro built to simplify adding simple
tests, into a function to simplify adding simple and not-so-simple tests.
Now all of our tests can use it.

Add another func for explicitly creating skipped tests, instead of doing
it ourselves inline in our m4 testing. Technically, we could "skip"
these sort of tests by just not doing them, but I think it's better to
explicitly say "not doing m4 test because we're built without USE_M4", so
the user knows things are disabled.

653. By Matthew Fuller on 2018-11-22

Do a little further cleanup of code related to startup and nearby things,
improve a feature, and fix some long-standing bugs.

- Running --cfgchk with no $DISPLAY can now check font cursor names,
  slightly reducing the list of things it would miss.

- When restarting ctwm, we'll now properly come up showing the icon
  managers for the workspace you're in, rather than just showing those
  for the first workspace.

- When shutting ourself down (or restarting), we now explicitly
  reparent away the windows and set their position rather than letting
  the X server do it for us when we go away. This lets us choose the
  order it happens, doing it from the bottom up, so restarting will
  now also preserve the stacking of windows.

Testing revealed some slightly incorrect cases where restarting would
wind up moving a window (particularly implicated: a neutral gravity,
and a window that moved itself). This isn't a regression though, so I
get to put off trying to fix that for a while...

652. By Matthew Fuller on 2018-11-18

Further startup/shutdown cleanup.

Split several groups of functions out from ctwm_main.c into their own
files. Rename some funcs to better describe their purpose. Some
commenting/doxy'ing. No significant functional changes expected.

651. By Matthew Fuller on 2018-11-18

Reimplement r649 with the sensible way Maximé suggested, rather than a
fixed up variant of the broken way I misread the submission as.

650. By Matthew Fuller on 2018-11-15

This wait(2) served to harvest the spawned m4 process. However, since
we explicitly SIG_IGN SIGCHLD now, we should never have anything to
wait() on, so it could just hang forever. Oddly, it seems that in
many environments it quietly passes over this for unclear reasons, so
it was missed :(

Noticed by: Maxime Soulé

649. By Matthew Fuller on 2018-11-15

Adjust some internals of RLayoutGetAreaAtXY() to not try to write into
NULL and segfault. Fixes a SEGV when CenterFeedbackWindow is set.

Noticed by: Maxime Soulé

648. By Matthew Fuller on 2018-11-12

Cleanup/adjust how signal handlers work.

Move them off into their own file to cut down on the stuff in
ctwm_main.c. Clear out handlers that haven't been compiled in in
ages, and ones that can't really work well. Remove
non-async-signal-safe calls and change the main ones around to just
setting a general flag. Have a more general "signal action needed"
flag for the event loop to trigger and call over.

647. By Matthew Fuller on 2018-11-11

Fix some possible leaks/use-after-free in InsertRGBColormap().

From twm. git revs 4512f268c689db62b46c88e813935c66eda14742 and
Author: Alan Coopersmith <email address hidden>
    Found by Oracle's Parfait 2.2 static analyzer:

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