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Colin Watson (cjwatson) wrote :

OK, so this is a different packaging style from gparted. iptables uses
quilt, and (oddly, perhaps uniquely?) keeps patches relative to upstream
in debian/patch/ rather than debian/patches/. However, it does not use
3.0 (quilt), so the basic state of the tree is to have patches

Thus, what you should do here is temporarily export
QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patch, and then add your non-debian/ patches to
quilt in the way you did before. When you've added them, 'quilt pop
-a', 'bzr add' your new patch files, and commit. The merge preview
should show just debian/changelog and some files in debian/patches/.

Please also consolidate your changelog entries into one stanza with one
version number. The upload target should be 'maverick' (or 'UNRELEASED'
if you like, and I'll set it to 'maverick' when uploading) rather than
'lucid'. The usual style is:

  * Description of change (LP: #nnnnnn).

The substantive changes themselves look fine to me.

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