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lp:~cslua/cslua/cslua-test 1 Development 2006-10-27 21:51:37 UTC
1. first release, the src dir is raw wor...

Author: Mildred
Revision Date: 2006-10-27 21:51:18 UTC

first release, the src dir is raw work from paganwarrior (+ newlines at end of file) and build scripts from mildred (with some macros taken elsewhere, for example the Crystal Space project).

lp:~cslua/cslua/CS 0 Experimental 2006-10-18 09:25:33 UTC
4. bugfix : misspelled variable causing ...

Author: Mildred
Revision Date: 2006-10-18 23:47:18 UTC

bugfix : misspelled variable causing cslua never to be built : s/LUALIB.AVIABLE/LUALIB.AVAILABLE/

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