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e88f6b7... by Andreas Jaeger

Retire craton

Remove everything, add a README with explanation.

Change-Id: I7c8fcfac0d904f144b6a3838d25db0987d1e74a5

555d0c8... by Jim Baker

Updates Alembic migration to better match SQLAlchemy models

The original Alembic migration script was autogenerated, then
subsequently modified by hand. Between these two aspects, some
correspondence to the corresponding SQLAlchemy models was lost:

* Columns were specified independently of corresponding foreign key
  and primary key constraints; besides making it more difficult to
  follow the code between models and the migration script, there was a
  loss of integrity constraints: a variable association must exist for
  every entity that mixes in VariableMixin as a base was not being
  enforced at the database level with an appropriate not-null; this
  causes problems for use of variables for any such object that is not
  constructed by models code, most notably via direct usage of the
  database. (See specifically, fixed with this

* The column created_at would always be set by model-using code; but
  this was not enforced at the database level by ensuring it was not

* Children should be deleted if the parent is deleted (we do not
  support "soft delete" in Craton).

In addition, all constraints are now named (the original intent of
this change, so as to ensure the feasibility of future migrations),
and they are also named in a consistent fashion.

Note that this change does not support many-to-many deletions (as seen
in, but SQLAlchemy
does provide support for this at the model level. A future change can
address this without requiring Alembic support.

There's no direct testing of this change, but it is implicitly, and
rather strongly, tested by the overall functional tests that are used;
and to a lesser extent by some of the unit tests. This is in part
because this change has strengthened constraints, not weakened them.

Change-Id: I1f84c29610127de12c292a210fd003ae07bd6462
Closes-bug: 1665066
Closes-bug: 1668251

96b6a40... by Thomas Maddox

Add documentation for JSON Path-like variable searching

Change-Id: I8a3648ba5c94bc27bc0bcf0c7ebb9de19a9c4818

606926b... by Thomas Maddox

JSON Path-like querying for variables

This patch implements the ability to query for values
in nested variable documents. For instance, if we had
hosts with a variables that look like:

    "hardware_profiles": {
        "disks": [
                "manufacturer": "seagate",
                "capacity_quantity": 2,
                "capacity_unit": "TB"
                "manufacturer": "western",
                "capacity_quantity": 3,
                "capacity_unit": "TB"

and we wanted to grab all of them with a disk that was
manufactured by Seagate, we would like to be able to
query like so:

GET /v1/hosts?vars=hardware_profiles.disks[*].manufacturer:"seagate"

This does modify the variables query to expect valid JSON
values. So, strings need to be quoted, for instance.

Change-Id: Id597d3e57d2e28766fecd1b314f53176543e1b9d
Closes-Bug: 1671116

0e4280e... by Jenkins <email address hidden>

Merge "Ensure JSON responses result from failure"

1b680b2... by Jenkins <email address hidden>

Merge "Adding wrapper functions to tools"

533492b... by git-harry

Ensure JSON responses result from failure

Responses generated from failure should be JSON formatted.

flask_restful.Api is subclassed to control the format of all error
responses generated by the API Flask app.

The API middleware is modified to use the same error response function
given that it is not part of the Flask app for the API. Any Response
object created by the middleware has been converted to an exception to
ensure that all error responses are generated using the same code.

The use of abort has been replaced with raising exceptions, this further
consolidates the error response mechanism.

response_filter has been modified so that it always expects to receive a
response tuple now that http_codes is no longer there to return a
response object.

The error filters in have been removed. These were not used
by the existing code.

Closes-bug: 1665015

Change-Id: I2be40e9493f313b3fe0173c34d371659039c1bae

bb515d4... by Michael Porras <email address hidden>

Adding wrapper functions to tools

Adding wrapper functions to the tools directory. Updating development docs
advising users to clone the sample config to a dev config. The dev config
allows users to launch craton directly and in docker without constant config

Change-Id: I6c32c86ef84fdcf02077fea226e20110826b1f21
Closes-Bug: #1675113

bd0a175... by Jenkins <email address hidden>

Merge "Remove link to modindex"

14901b2... by Ian Cordasco <email address hidden>

Update the link to Craton's documentation

ReadTheDocs hosts user content on and provides TLS for
all projects.

Change-Id: I19be4de52c4290d9fe064f102e65c72eccc014c7