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38. By Corey Bryant on 2016-01-20

* Backport upstream proposed fix (LP: #1318721):
  - d/p/fix-reconnect-race-condition-with-rabbitmq-cluster.patch:
    Redeclare if exception is catched after self.queue.declare() failed.

37. By Corey Bryant on 2016-01-20

* No change rebuild for security:
  - [dd4b77f] Forbid regular users to reset admin-only attrs to default values
    + CVE-2014-6414
    + LP: #1357379

36. By Corey Bryant on 2015-06-22

* Resynchronize with stable/icehouse (877df58) (LP: #1467533):
  - [cae7108] Fix enable_snat column migration for Postgres + SQLite
  - [61571b4] Persist DHCP leases to a local database
  - [fba8d9b] Process port IP requests before subnet requests
  - [43fe809] Don't resync on DHCP agent setup failure
  - [91cc867] Deal with PEP-0476 certificate chaining checking
  - [877df58] Ignore http_proxy while connecting to test WSGI server

35. By Corey Bryant on 2015-03-30

d/control: Set minimum python-six dependency to 1.5.2 (LP: #1403114).

34. By Marc Deslauriers on 2014-10-21

* No change rebuild for security:
  - [dd4b77f] Forbid regular users to reset admin-only attrs to default values
    + CVE-2014-6414
    + LP: #1357379

33. By Chuck Short on 2014-10-06

[ Corey Bryant ]
* Resynchronize with stable/icehouse (4a0210e) (LP: #1377136):
  - [3a30d19] Deletes floating ip related connection states
  - [dd4b77f] Forbid regular users to reset admin-only attrs to default values
  - [dc2c893] Add delete operations for the ODL MechanismDriver
  - [b51e2c7] Add missing ml2 plugin to migration 1fcfc149aca4
  - [a17a500] Don't convert numeric protocol values to int
  - [3a85946] NSX: Optionally not enforce nat rule match length check
  - [645f984] Don't spawn metadata-proxy for non-isolated nets
  - [b464d89] Big Switch: Check for 'id' in port before lookup
  - [3116ffa] use TRUE in SQL for boolean var
  - [3520e66] call security_groups_member_updated in port_update
  - [50e1534] Don't allow user to set firewall rule with port and no protocol
  - [0061533] BSN: Add context to backend request for debugging
  - [6de6d61] Improve ODL ML2 Exception Handling
  - [2a4153d] Send network name and uuid to subnet create
  - [b5e3c9a] BSN: Allow concurrent reads to consistency DB
  - [b201432] Big Switch: Retry on 503 errors from backend
  - [f6c47ee] NSX: log request body to NSX as debug
  - [97d622a] Fix metadata agent's auth info caching
  - [255df45] NSX: Correct allowed_address_pair return value on create_port
  - [5bea041] Neutron should not use the neutronclient utils module for import_class
  - [d5314e2] Cisco N1kv plugin to send subtype on network profile creation
  - [f32d1ce] Pass object to policy when finding fields to strip
  - [8b5f6be] Call policy.init() once per API request
  - [9a6d811] Perform policy checks only once on list responses
  - [c48db90] Datacenter moid should not be tuple
  - [161d465] Allow unsharing a network used as gateway/floatingip
  - [9574a2f] Add support for router scheduling in Cisco N1kv Plugin
  - [6f54565] Fix func job hook script permission problems
  - [ea43103] Add hook scripts for the functional infra job
  - [8161cb7] Fixes Hyper-V agent issue on Hyper-V 2008 R2
  - [8e99cfd] Fixes Hyper-V issue due to ML2 RPC versioning
  - [69f9121] Ensure ip6tables are used only if ipv6 is enabled in kernel
  - [399b809] Remove explicit dependency on amqplib
  - [a872143] Clear entries in Cisco N1KV specific tables on rollback
  - [ad82fad] Verify ML2 type driver exists before calling del
  - [af2cc98] Big Switch: Only update hash header on success
  - [b1e5eec] Ignore variable column widths in ovsdb functional tests
  - [4a0210e] VMWare: don't notify on disassociate_floatingips()

32. By Jamie Strandboge on 2014-08-21

* No change rebuild for security:
  - [0324965] remove token from notifier middleware
    + CVE-2014-4615
    + LP: #1321080
  - [2c4828e] no quota for allowed address pair
    + CVE-2014-3555
    + LP: #1336207

31. By Corey Bryant on 2014-08-08

[ Corey Bryant ]
* Resynchronize with stable/icehouse (5db494d) (LP: #1354159):
  - [1d4a3e3] Add dsvm-functional tox env to fix functional job
  - [c19633d] Fix deprecated opt in haproxy driver
  - [2c762be] Add configurable http_timeout parameter for Cisco N1K
  - [9c94d96] Avoid notifying while inside transaction opened in delete_port()
  - [f9379ef] BSN: Remove db lock and add missing contexts
  - [bea1e2d] Set python hash seed to 0 in tox.ini
  - [f427754] Big Switch: Remove consistency hash on full sync
  - [3ad288d] Add -s option for neutron metering rules
  - [231010b] Do not mark device as processed if it wasn't
  - [72edc13] Big Switch: Lock consistency table for REST calls
  - [b65c036] NSX: fix router ports port_security_enabled=False
  - [9dcc476] NSX: Remove unneed call to _ensure_default_security_group
  - [2ce59ec] Added support for NOS version 4.1.0, 5.0.0 and greater
  - [2c4828e] no quota for allowed address pair
  - [46a37e2] NSX: neutron router-interface-add should clear security-groups
  - [5d0d72b] Control update, delete for cisco-network-profile
  - [0459a6a] NSX: return 400 if dscp set for trusted queue
  - [d880134] Fix typo in ml2 configuration file
  - [fb40f65] Register LBaaS resources to quotas engine
  - [0cb4aaa] Make plugin deallocation check optional
  - [478f487] Ensure core plugin deallocation after every test
  - [ea5ecf9] OVS agent: Correct bridge setup ordering
  - [98ef1bc] Fixed dhcp & gateway ip conflict in PLUMgrid plugin
  - [38bf2be] Exit rpc_loop when SIGTERM is recieved in ovs-agent
  - [67ef62d] NSX sync cache: add a flag to skip item deletion
  - [d2c11e5] OFAgent: Avoid processing ports which are not yet ready
  - [c02763a] OFAgent: Fixing lost vlan ids on interfaces
  - [8d56f44] OFAgent: Improve handling of security group updates
  - [63d3a54] OFAgent: Avoid re-wiring ports unnecessarily
  - [8131a2e] Synced jsonutils from oslo-incubator
  - [33992c8] Brocade mechanism driver depends on the brocade plugin templates
  - [1da7abd] ofagent: Fix VLAN usage for TYPE_FLAT and TYPE_VLAN
  - [2a79749] netaddr<=0.7.10 raises ValueError instead of AddrFormatError
  - [45281bb] Brocade mechanism driver should be derived from ML2 plugin base class
  - [3eeda2c] Add missing keyword raise to get_profile_binding function
  - [e517da2] Big Switch: Remove unnecessary initialization code
  - [2f65656] ovs-agent: Ensure integration bridge is created
  - [0324965] remove token from notifier middleware
  - [6d62c91] Big Switch: Add missing data to topology sync
  - [fac71fe] Added missing core_plugins symbolic names
  - [505f902] Big Switch: Catch exceptions in watchdog thread
  - [ac90f9b] Segregate the VSM calls from database calls in N1kv plugin
  - [86e4b80] Fix network profile subtype validation in N1kv plugin
  - [24f2460] ofagent: Add a missing push_vlan action
  - [50408e6] OFA agent: use hexadecimal IP address in tunnel port name
  - [f0af041] Big Switch: Call correct method in watchdog
  - [71097a0] Check DB scheme prior to migration to Ml2
  - [db7f8a7] ofa_neutron_agent: Fix _phys_br_block_untranslated_traffic
  - [d5d345b] Fix race condition with firewall deletion
  - [ce712b2] Metadata agent caches networks for routers
  - [cac3aa8] Ensure routing key is specified in the address for a direct producer
  - [5e0ea72] Default to setting secure mode on the integration bridge
  - [77d8da1] OVS and OF Agents: Create updated_ports attribute before setup_rpc
  - [9268ea6] OFAgent: Process port_update notifications in the main agent loop
  - [9124db5] Remove RPC to plugin when dhcp sets default route
  - [6fd5a20] Improve iptables_manager _modify_rules() method
  - [5285164] Big Switch: fix capabilities retrieval code
  - [ca7ed8f] OVS Agent: limit veth names to 15 chars
  - [7d76335] NSX: Fix request_id in api_client to increment
  - [583db13] NSX: fix tenant_id passed as security_profile_id
  - [066760e] LBaaS add missing rootwrap filter for route
  - [cd7a622] Do not defer IPTables apply in firewall path
  - [315319c] BSN: Set hash header to empty instead of False
  - [5d9a034] Remove function replacement with mock patch
  - [a4b467d] NSX: fix bug for flat provider network
  - [96e580d] Wrong key router.interface reported by ceilometer
  - [9ce5ef3] Common decorator for caching methods
  - [f3fa89f] Fixes Hyper-V agent security groups disabling
  - [6fe2596] Fixes Hyper-V agent security group ICMP rules
  - [5db494d] Add support for multiple RPC workers under Metaplugin
* d/p/disable-failing-metaplugin-tests.patch: Dropped.
* d/p/skip-lb-test.patch: Dropped.

[ James Page ]
* d/watch: Point to tarballs.openstack.org for release artifacts.

30. By Jamie Strandboge on 2014-06-18

[ Corey Bryant ]
* Resynchronize with stable/icehouse (54ac82b) (LP: #1328134):
  - [2b42dd3] Handle errors from run_ofctl() when dumping flows
  - [d00446b] Reprogram flows when ovs-vswitchd restarts
  - [8d3026b] Added missing plugin .ini files to setup.cfg
  - [072bbc0] NEC plugin: Bump L3RPC callback version to 1.1
  - [47a4954] Remove List events API from Cisco N1kv Neutron
  - [28a26db] Install SNAT rules for ipv4 only
  - [5bdea2d] Use os.uname() instead of calling uname in subprocess
  - [48bc7db] Replace loopingcall in notifier with a delayed send
  - [66eeda2] Explicitly import state_path opt in tests.base
  - [f1b0607] NSX: allow net-migration only in combined mode
  - [8abb05c] NSX: do not raise on missing router during migration step
  - [4c945dd] NSX: fix error when creating VM ports on subnets without dhcp
  - [efa4f28] OVS lib defer apply doesn't handle concurrency
  - [bc30b52] NSX: ensure that no LSN is created on external networks
  - [2bcc7bf] NSX: pass the right argument during metadata setup
  - [26a591a] Big Switch: Check source_address attribute exists
  - [74a9365] L3 RPC loop could delete a router on concurrent update
  - [2a7164a] Optimize querying for security groups
  - [bac4389] set api.extensions logging to ERROR in unit tests
  - [d1ab56d] Make default nova_url use a version
  - [2c56e14] NSX: fix API payloads for dhcp/metadata setup
  - [f217479] NSX: fix migration for networks without a subnet
  - [bf281cd] NSX: change api mapping for Service Cluster to Edge Cluster
  - [7225e2b] NSX: add nsx switch lookup to dhcp and metadata operations
  - [b922aa7] Fixed floating IP logic in PLUMgrid plugin
  - [84650f8] IBM: set secret=True on passwd config field
  - [c5040b4] Update ensure()/reconnect() to catch MessagingError
  - [e0deffc] NSX: Fix fake_api_client to raise NotFound
  - [42a8539] netaddr<=0.7.10 raises ValueError instead of AddrFormatError
  - [68a24e5] Validate CIDR given as ip-prefix in security-group-rule-create
  - [8991aa6] gw_port should be set as lazy='join'
  - [54ac82b] NSX: ensure dhcp port is setup on metadata network

[ Jamie Strandboge ]
* SECURITY UPDATE: specify /etc/neutron/rootwrap.conf for use with
  - CVE-2013-6433 (LP: #1185019)

29. By Jamie Strandboge on 2014-06-18

* SECURITY UPDATE: specify /etc/neutron/rootwrap.conf for use with
  - CVE-2013-6433 (LP: #1185019)
* SECURITY UPDATE: Validate CIDR given as ip-prefix in
  - CVE-2014-0187
  - LP: #1300785
* debian/patches/CVE-2014-0187b.patch: update for python-netaddr <= 0.7.10
* SECURITY UPDATE: Install SNAT rules for ipv4 only
  - CVE-2014-4167
  - LP: #1309195

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