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7d0fa10... by Thomas Goirand on 2015-05-01

Fixed gbp.conf

e1ed01d... by Thomas Goirand on 2015-04-27

Uploading to unstable.

5d65ece... by Thomas Goirand <email address hidden> on 2015-04-19

Now packaging 0.5.1

15cebc1... by Thomas Goirand <email address hidden> on 2015-04-19

Merge tag '0.5.1' into debian/kilo

Release 0.5.1

This is a bug-fix release for Kilo. The previous (0.5.0) release
incorrectly refused to connect to some prior releases of the ironic-api service.

It includes the following two fixes:
- Client should fall back to the lower versions if necessary
- Fix node_uuid option is required for port-create

06a62bc... by Jenkins <email address hidden> on 2015-04-13

Merge "Client should fall back to the lower versions if necessary"

8b453ff... by devananda on 2015-04-07

Client should fall back to the lower versions if necessary

The python client should catch 406 Not Acceptable errors when talking to
older versions of the server. If the user did not request a specific
version, the client should negotiate (fall back to) a mutually supported
API version with the server.

If there is no mutually supported version, or if the user specified a
version in which the requested feature is unavailable, the client should
raise an error.

This patch is a partial implementation of the client side of
auto-negotiation. It catches the 406 error and attempts to determine
what version the server is based on the returned headers. It does NOT
actually change what values are sent or returned by the client, aside
from the version headers.

Without this fix, the client fails to connect to any server version
between commit 41595327 (when v1.1 was introduced) and commit 6ecee368
(when v1.6 was introduced), because it is requesting API version 1.6
and not handling the 406 Not Acceptable response.

Note that API server versions prior to commit 32fb6e99 did not return
any version information in the header of a 406 Not Acceptable response.
To work around this, when the client receives a 406 response that does
not contain any version header, the client performs an extra GET request
to the root /v1/ URL to retrieve the supported versions. This allows the
client to work with API services that might be running unreleased
mid-kilo code as well as both stable/juno and the latest kilo code.

Co-Authored-By: Dmitry Tantsur <email address hidden>
Co-Authored-By: John L. Villalovos <email address hidden>
Change-Id: Iab6a0814f0db6dd6e7bfc00da28baf8403a6b1db
Blueprint: api-microversions
Partial-bug: #1441170

615ec1a... by Steve Martinelli on 2015-04-09

Upgrade hacking to latest release

Use the latest hacking release and make a few minor modifications
to the code base.

Change-Id: I8ce78a19c1973740e0641bc6022b657e0cb5eb5b

fe9a7b5... by devananda on 2015-04-07

Fix node_uuid option is required for port-create

A previous commit separated the -n/--node option from the --node_uuid
option on the "port-create" command. This meant that, even when the user
specified --node_uuid, the client required -n/--node as well and would
error out.

This moves these options onto a single CLI argument.

Change-Id: Idcc3217e07f9600f7db18182e9b1bc8b2ae356d3
Closes-bug: #1441374

20117dc... by John L. Villalovos on 2015-03-30

Force LANGUAGE=en_US in test runs

Basically copying commit bf6d966756d3745d2facd5ac39444646dcfae6de from
the ironic project.

If your native locale is not en_US and you run tests, some could fail
due to the message translation that happens since the assertion messages
are in en_US (not translated, just hard-coded in the tests).

Note that setting LANG=en_US had no effect.

Change-Id: I812a296ea6c9be303f40346c6db06673fefda8d5

cf220c1... by Jenkins <email address hidden> on 2015-03-30

Merge "Add unittests for resource_fields"