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master 2015-05-13 10:07:31 UTC 2015-05-13
Set filesystem_store_datadir in tests

Author: Louis Taylor
Author Date: 2015-05-12 21:40:34 UTC

Set filesystem_store_datadir in tests

The new release of glance_store (0.5.0) included
I1d4f95cba47d21f1eb7e580314d01ac8d3481586, which raises errors if
filesystem_store_datadir or filesystem_store_datadirs is not set. Glance
currently is not correctly populating either of those options in certain
unit or functional tests, causing a lot of test failures. This patch
aims to unblock the gate by overriding the CONF option.

Change-Id: I3a9e0c7bfa4a9f38b41e93dce9652c4cc4811a9b
Closes-Bug: #1454384

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