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Recent revisions

28. By Philip Ashmore on 2013-05-04

Version 0.3.1-04

* sb-designer fix
  Accessing sbd's directly didn't synthesize block creation events so
  when sb-designer tried to match up a block-related object creation to
  a block it had no blocks, an impossible situation, poor thing.

  Now the FileManager tries to be more rigorous in this regard.

* SbdTreedbOpen() now sets the m_type field
  It wasn't being used until now.

27. By Philip Ashmore on 2013-05-04

Version 0.3.1-03

* Typish "uses" chains working
  I finally filled out and broke up the mammoth builtins.sbt into lots
  of little sbts for each type - and performance took a dive due to the
  extra parsing overhead.

* Sbds built for tests and installed
  To combat the slow-down caused by builtins.sbt I got sbd installation
  and use working.
  Now the typish tests are the quickest instead of being the slowest.

  It can do 5000 iterations of a for-loop with printf("%d\n", n) in
  about 4 seconds, with a release build, but considering I haven't even
  tried to optimise execution performance, there's lots of scope for

  The question is, do I bother or just focus on generating LLVM?

* Sbt parsing handles escaped characters
  printf("%d\n", n) was printing "\n" instead of a return character.
  SbdTreedbDumper un-escapes characters so they're easier to read too.

26. By Philip Ashmore on 2013-05-01

Version 0.3.1-02

* Forgot to rebuild on Ubuntu for PPA upload
  Otherwise it works out the Debian package dependencies.
  No sources were harmed for this release.

25. By Philip Ashmore on 2013-05-01

Version 0.3.1-01

* More features + tests done

* Some minor API breakages

* *Members can be members of more than one *MapT
  This makes cloning variables so they can be in more than one map
  unnecessary. TODO go through the code to clean these up.

* @assign now more sensible
  Before it was only used internally, but it's now invoked using libffi.

* Lots of builtins cleanups
  There's a shed load more to do so I'll proceed with path-finding and
  tackle them as needed.

24. By Philip Ashmore on 2013-04-19

Version 0.3.0-01

The "hello, typish" release

* Schemas (real ones)
  The previous version had a demo-level concept but this one is closer
  to being a real programming language, called "typish".

  It's aim is to implement most if not all of the C/C++ idioms.

  See sb/tests/typish-test.sh for details.

  It barely knows what a type is beyond the information provided to it
  by the schema and its sub-schemas, even for built-in types, yet it
  can create instances, make assignments, call functions, evaluate

  It loads shared libraries that implement "external functions"
  specified by the typish (sub)schemas.

  For now we use temporary sbds for schema sbts.

  When things settle down enough these will be installed as sbts + sbds.

* Schemas and SubSdhemas use Blocks.
  A (sub)schema uses a block in the context of a schema.

  SubSchemas aren't shared because they can use definitions from other
  sub-schemas, which can be schema-specific, but blocks can be shared.

  By selecting different paths a schema can refer to different
  sub-schemas which can change how its content is interpreted.

  This process is arch-specific and multi-arch support is TODO.

* Fixed a bug in sbt-scanner.l which incorrectly handled "*"s in

23. By Philip Ashmore on 2012-12-06

Version 0.2.0-10

* Bug fix release
  You can edit the sbp file so that two data windows share the same

  Editing an item such that it's invalid (eg. giving it a non-existant
  type) deletes the item.
  This will never be robust as long as model updates that result in
  invalid or inconsistent management data are allowed - we will need a
  cancelTransaction() slot when a tree viewer determines that an update
  breaks semantics.

- DataWindow entities drawn better
- DataWindows remember their scroll bar positions
  This is useful for large scenes with multiple DataWindows

- FileManager::File::AddRef returns int (was bool)
  The sbd-file-manager needs to set up a DataScene just once - for the
  first DataWindow. Additional references just connect to the scene.

- CmdParent() returns SbCommand() for root

22. By Philip Ashmore on 2012-11-29

Version 0.2.0-09

* New version for Ubuntu.
  The source upload was built on Debian.
  At configure time it determined a different version of libffi to the
  one on Ubuntu, and this version information found its way into the
  build requirements for the Ubuntu ppa source-only upload, which caused
  the build to fail.

  So here's a new version number to keep the Ubuntu ppa build system

  No sources were harmed by this new release.

21. By Philip Ashmore on 2012-11-29

Version 0.2.0-08

* Better tests for LLVM in configure.ac.in
  I had 3.2svn installed and the binaries in my PATH, now it works with
  3.1 on Debian, at least.

* Project opening and closing works

* You can specify the project to open on the command line

20. By Philip Ashmore on 2012-11-13

Version 0.2.0-07

* More small build fixes detected while building in
  Ho hum.

19. By Philip Ashmore on 2012-11-13

Version 0.2.0-06

* Small build fixes detected while building in

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