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This branch is an import of the HEAD branch of the Git repository at git://git.code.sf.net/p/v3c-qt/examples.

The import has been suspended because it failed 5 or more times in succession.

Last successful import was on 2015-07-16.

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Recent revisions

10. By Philip Ashmore on 2012-07-10

yVersion 0.7.0-03

* Lintian clean (N: 1 tag overridden (1 warning))
  See debian/v3c-qt-examples.lintian-overrides.in for details.

* Split debian/changelog.in for Debian/Ubuntu
  See v3c's README file for details.

* Requires v3c-qt-0.7.0-03 or later

* Requires v3c-2.5.4-01 (checked by v3c-qt-0.7.0-03 or later)
  It includes the distro-choice logic for selecting debian/changelog.

9. By Philip Ashmore on 2012-07-07

Version 0.7.0-02

Works with Qt5

* Requires v3c-qt-0.7.0-02 or later

* Requires v3c-2.5.3 or later
  Just keeping in step with the other packages.

8. By Philip Ashmore on 2012-04-01

Version 0.7.0-01

* Now requires v3c-qt-0.7.0-01

* Added a long description for debian/control

* Lots of fiddly changes to pass Debians "lintian" checks
  All the DEBIAN*_REQUIRES have changed to DEBIAN*_DEPENDS.
  Since they go into the Build-Depends and Depends fields of the
  debian/control(.in) file, this makes more sense.

7. By Philip Ashmore on 2010-12-08

Release 0.6.0-01

6. By Philip Ashmore on 2010-08-09

Release 0.5.8

5. By Philip Ashmore on 2010-06-18

Release 0.5.6

4. By Philip Ashmore on 2010-04-13

Release 0.5.4

3. By Philip Ashmore on 2010-01-18

Release 0.5.2

2. By Philip Ashmore on 2010-01-12

Release 0.5.1

1. By Philip Ashmore on 2010-01-04

Release 0.5.0

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