Merge lp:~compiz-team/compiz/fix-1051595-mskala into lp:compiz/0.9.9

Proposed by Daniel van Vugt on 2012-12-06
Status: Merged
Approved by: Daniel van Vugt on 2012-12-06
Approved revision: 3501
Merged at revision: 3510
Proposed branch: lp:~compiz-team/compiz/fix-1051595-mskala
Merge into: lp:compiz/0.9.9
Diff against target: 12 lines (+1/-1)
1 file modified
cmake/base.cmake (+1/-1)
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~compiz-team/compiz/fix-1051595-mskala
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Daniel van Vugt Approve on 2012-12-06
PS Jenkins bot (community) continuous-integration Needs Fixing on 2012-12-06
Review via email:

Commit message

Fixed: findcompiz_install doesn't work (LP: #1051595)
Author: Matija Skala <email address hidden>

Description of the change

I have not tested or verified this yet -Daniel

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PS Jenkins bot (ps-jenkins) wrote :
review: Needs Fixing (continuous-integration)
Daniel van Vugt (vanvugt) wrote :

Verified it works.

review: Approve

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1=== modified file 'cmake/base.cmake'
2--- cmake/base.cmake 2012-05-26 10:52:26 +0000
3+++ cmake/base.cmake 2012-12-06 02:49:23 +0000
4@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@
6 add_custom_target (findcompiz_install
7 ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E make_directory ${CMAKE_ROOT}/Modules &&
8- ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E copy ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/cmake/FindCompiz.cmake ${CMAKE_ROOT}/Modules
9+ ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E copy ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/cmake/FindCompiz.cmake ${CMAKE_ROOT}/Modules &&
10 ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E copy ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/cmake/FindOpenGLES2.cmake ${CMAKE_ROOT}/Modules
11 )
12 find_file (_find_compizconfig FindCompizConfig.cmake PATHS ${CMAKE_ROOT}/Modules ${ARGN})


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