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3738. By Sam Spilsbury on 2013-06-10

Fixes LP #1189369

3737. By Sam Spilsbury on 2013-06-10

Immediately update the window matrices and regions if the number of
textures changed.

3736. By Sam Spilsbury on 2013-06-08

Revert revision 3278.

Approved by PS Jenkins bot, Brandon Schaefer.

3735. By Andrea Azzarone on 2013-06-05

Extends invisible borders to the title bar too.

(LP: #717444). Fixes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/717444.

Approved by PS Jenkins bot, Christopher Townsend, Sam Spilsbury.

3734. By Sam Spilsbury on 2013-06-05

Satisfy matchers on getProperty as soon as they are set.

  The order of evaluation for matchers in Google Mock appears to be
  undefined - this means that we can't rely on the first argument being
  matched first and the second argument being matched afterwards. In turn,
  this means that any GValue may be passed to a GValueMatch which, by a
  design flaw, is unable to handle any values of a type it does not expect
  (at least not without an API change). It will silently pass the incorrect
  type to g_type_get_* which causes internal assertion failures.

  At the moment we're just interleaving the calls to getProperty and
  get_property - that way the expectations are satisfied and go away
  as soon as they're set. This in turn means that Google Mock only
  has to traverse one matcher rather than multiple matchers.

  (LP: #1187468). Fixes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1187468.

Approved by PS Jenkins bot, Andrea Azzarone.

3733. By MC Return on 2013-06-01

Fix for cube.cpp, regression r3720 - Inner sides of cube invisible now.
Wrong variable type was accidentially used, cullInv is of type int, not bool.

(LP: #1183852). Fixes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1184852.

Approved by PS Jenkins bot, Sam Spilsbury.

3732. By kolya on 2013-06-01

When static switcher is enabled and has an option to show application icon turned on the icons are expected to be ~1/3 of a thumbnail (48px). Instead they are displayed in 512px size and completely cover everything. This change addresses this issue. See LP #1173914. Fixes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1186426.

Approved by PS Jenkins bot, Sam Spilsbury, MC Return.

3731. By MC Return on 2013-05-31

window.cpp code cleanup:

Declare variables outside of loops.
Reduced the scope of variables.
Do not assign values to variables if those values are not used.
Always bail out of functions ASAP, do not calculate stuff you might not need.
Use pre- instead of postfix de- and increments.
Declaration and assignment of variables in one line.
Merged if condition checks.
Added and removed brackets.
Added and removed newlines.
Fixed indentation.
Added TODOs (removal of magic numbers).

Approved by PS Jenkins bot, Sam Spilsbury.

3730. By MC Return on 2013-05-31

Widget, minor code cleanup:

Declaration and assignment of local variables in one line.
Merged if condition checks.
Added and removed newlines.
Added default case to switch (just a style issue).
Removed redundant brackets.
Fixed indentation.

Approved by PS Jenkins bot, Sam Spilsbury.

3729. By Sam Spilsbury on 2013-05-29

Added some new hooks to PluginClassHandler to allow a VTable to specify if loaded.

PluginClassHandler::get () was designed to simply instantiate an instance of that
class for the core structure, but it did this without checking if the plugin was

Added some new methods to PluginClassHandler exposed by LoadedPluginClassBridge
and only accessible by those who implement PluginKey to specify globally
whether or not a plugin is actually loaded, so that PluginClassHandler can
return accordingly.

Integration and unit tests added as appropriate

(LP: #1169620)
(LP: #1101026). Fixes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1101026, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1169620.

Approved by PS Jenkins bot, Brandon Schaefer.

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