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3744. By Sam Spilsbury

Added more missing changes

3743. By Sam Spilsbury

Add missing change

3742. By Sam Spilsbury

Handle ARGB desktop windows correctly.

core: compiz::private_screen::DesktopWindowCount - provide methods to
increment or decrement desktop windows based on their visual type.

desktopWindowCount () now returns the number of RGB and ARGB desktop windows,
argbDesktopWindowCount () just returns the number of ARGB desktop windows.

If they are equal, the only desktop window is ARGB.

opengl: Draw the root window background if the desktop window is ARGB.
wallpaper: Lie to core and say that our fake desktop window is RGB so that
core does not draw the root window background. Paint the desktop wallpaper
beneath the desktop window so that the ARGB desktop window is visible on
top of it.

3741. By Andrea Azzarone

Disable grid/put_maximize_key on ubuntu.

Approved by PS Jenkins bot, MC Return, Sam Spilsbury.

3740. By MC Return

Expo, code cleanup:

Declaration of local variables outside of loops.
Use prefix instead of postfix increments.
Declaration and assignment of local variables in one line, if possible.
Reduced the scope of some variables.
Removed redundant brackets.
Used static_cast <> (type) instead of (type) cast.
Added and removed newlines if appropriate.
Fixed indentation.
Added TODOs.

Expo, speed improvements:

Do not calculate screen->vpSize ().width () and screen->vpSize ().height ()
multiple times, instead save them in the unsigned ints vpCountHorz and
vpCountVert and use those variables instead.
Speed up the curve calculations by using additional variables to save results
to not have to re-calculate those all the time. The new variables introduced
are degToRad, screenWidth, screenWidthSquared, curveDistSquaredPlusQuarter,
pOne2MinusCurveDist, v0Squared and v2Squared.
Also introduced const float halfGapX = gapX / 2.0 and used this variable in the
calculations of curveDistance and curveRadius.
Simplified calculations of this type:
(M_PI / 180.0f) * curveAngle / 2.0, which is equal to: (M_PI / 360.0f) * curveAngle
Do not call optionGetGroundSize (); twice, instead save the value in the float
groundSize and use that variable in the following calculations.
Removed the creation of the redundant bool hide, which is just used once in an
if-condition check. It does not help to have this bool.
Try to avoid redundant GL_BLEND state changes, they are expensive - only enable
GL_BLEND if it is disabled and just disable it, if it was disabled before, otherwise
do nothing.
Try to avoid redundant GL filter changes - just query the filter state if the mipmap
option in CCSM is enabled. Also just set back the filter to the previous state if
we actually changed it, otherwise do nothing.
-5.5f * 2 = -11.0f.
No need to calculate M_PI / 180.0f 720 times:
Calculate this value once instead and save it in the const float mpi, use mpi
in the following looped calculations.
Use const int scw in the same loop instead of calling screen->width () 360 times.

Massively increased calculation speed of the glow texture:
No need for any macros here -> removed them and replaced them with local variables.
Precalculate values, store them in local variables and use those in the following
calculations (new variables are the ints winRealX, winRealY, winRealWidth, winRealHeight,
halfWinRealWidth, halfWinRealHeight, xPlusHalfWidth, yPlusHalfHeight, xPlusGlowOff,
yPlusGlowOff, xMinusGlowOff, yMinusGlowOff and the float glowPart).
Used w->geometry ().widthIncBorders () and w->geometry ().heightIncBorders ()
to determine winRealWidth and winRealHeight.

Expo, fixes:

Do not force "One wall per output" on the user, if his displays use different
"One big wall" makes a lot of sense for many multi-screen configs, where not
all of the screens have exactly the same resolution, so if the user explicitely
chooses this mode, Compiz should respect the user's choice.

(LP: #1009592). Fixes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1009592.

Approved by PS Jenkins bot, Sam Spilsbury, Sami Jaktholm.

3739. By MC Return

src/output*.cpp cleanup:

Return ASAP, do not calculate stuff you do not need.
Declaration and assignment of variables in one line.
Declare local variables outside of loops.
Use prefix instead of postfix increment.
Added and removed newlines.
Fixed indentation.

Approved by PS Jenkins bot, Sam Spilsbury.

3738. By Sam Spilsbury

Immediately update the window matrices and regions if the number of
textures changed.

(LP: #1189369). Fixes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1189369.

Approved by PS Jenkins bot, MC Return.

3737. By Iven Hsu

Opacify: Only dim the windows above the active window.(LP: #1189374). Fixes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1189374.

Approved by PS Jenkins bot, Sam Spilsbury, MC Return.

3736. By Sam Spilsbury

Revert revision 3278.

Approved by PS Jenkins bot, Brandon Schaefer.

3735. By Andrea Azzarone

Extends invisible borders to the title bar too.

(LP: #717444). Fixes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/717444.

Approved by PS Jenkins bot, Christopher Townsend, Sam Spilsbury.

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