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lp:codetree bug 1 Development 2020-04-08 10:02:40 UTC 14 hours ago
108. Embed six to avoid version incompatib...

Author: Stuart Bishop
Revision Date: 2020-04-08 10:02:40 UTC

Embed six to avoid version incompatibility issues with backports

Also Python2/Python3 compatibility fixes.

Reviewed-by: Tom Haddon <>

lp:~codetree-maintainers/codetree/master 1 Development 2014-08-03 15:54:28 UTC 2014-08-03
33. [alexlist,r=mthaddon] Add nosmart+ UR...

Author: Matthew Wedgwood
Revision Date: 2014-08-03 15:54:28 UTC

[alexlist,r=mthaddon] Add nosmart+ URL scheme prefix for bzr, bzr+ssh and lp URL schemes to disable smart protocol.

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