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406b82e... by Sheila Miguez on 2017-07-03

revert number of max iterations in spread test back to 20

accidentially checked in a local change

2f90162... by Sheila Miguez on 2017-07-03

fix typo in log settings

485ff5a... by Sheila Miguez on 2017-07-03

merge most recent master, change log settings

* merged master and updated the logging for the next contents
* found that the long file flag option for logging is obnoxious and switched back to short
* the spread test that grepped for '== wifi-connect: <msg>' didn't account for filename. I changed it to only check for msg.

d8fe23b... by System Enablement CI Bot <email address hidden> on 2017-06-29

Merge remote tracking branch defaults

Merge-Proposal: https://code.launchpad.net/~knitzsche/snappy-hwe-snaps/+git/wifi-connect/+merge/326172

Author: Kyle Nitzsche <email address hidden>

Add configure hook to port certain snap wifi-connect keys into SNAP_COMMON/pre-config.json.

Deamon (service/service.go and daemon pkg) uses SetDefaults() to use the json to take the appropriate actions. [1]

docs/ added this, including integrate.md to doc the exactl preconfiguration stuff for system intergrators.

wifiap/wifiap.go: added Wifiaper interface to make wifiap unit-testable in SetDefaults()

Enhanced daemon_test.go TestSetDefaults to handle various preconfigs via static/tests/pre-config*.json

[1] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QaKcHikGi6ttuKLgT2Id42-hQXRng1B68ucxEK-2zws/edit#heading=h.ikzb28sk2cu3

174a30c... by Kyle Nitzsche on 2017-06-28

SetDefaults now ialso takes a Preconfig - easier testing

4b79f17... by Kyle Nitzsche on 2017-06-27

use const for passphrase min & max length

67d24fc... by Kyle Nitzsche on 2017-06-27

R and K's comments addressed

Inline comments can apparently go in the bit bucket, so manual

* I changed GetTestClient to ModClient per your suggestion

* I removed PreConfigFile entirely and thereby simplified code relating
* to it
* I added func LoadPreConfig() (*PreConfig, error), and added a unit
* test
* I cannot use wifiap.Operations as a receiver because it is an
* interface, so SetDefaults signature is unchanged, but the code that
* calls it from service.go is indeed simpler
* deleted this unused: func (c *Client) NewConfig() *PreConfig
* I am postponing the title-capitalization-in-docs comments because its
* not done in any of these places, so lets ensure we are on the same
* page:
  * https://docs.ubuntu.com/landscape/en/landscape-managing-computers
  * https://docs.ubuntu.com/maas/2.1/en/
  * https://docs.ubuntu.com/core/en/
  Note: It's not always clear what to capitalize in English titles so
it's common to use lower case

572a8cb... by Kyle Nitzsche on 2017-06-27

PreConfig.PreConfigFile renamed to PreConfigFileExists for clarity

48be044... by Kyle Nitzsche on 2017-06-27

delete NewConfig() (it's no longer used)

bc0d115... by Kyle Nitzsche on 2017-06-27

Roberto's comments addressed

snapGet() is shorter

Changed GetTestClient to ModClient