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8a05210... by Dan Watkins on 2019-03-07

Update netplan dependency package (LP: #1813667)

f6f37ce... by Dan Watkins on 2019-03-07

update changelog (New upstream snapshot 18.5-44-g7c07af28).

e44a687... by Dan Watkins on 2019-03-07

merge from master at 18.5-44-g7c07af28

7c07af2... by Scott Moser on 2019-03-06

Support locking user with usermod if passwd is not available.

In some cases, the 'passwd' command might not be available, but
'usermod' might be. In debian systems both are provided by the
'passwd' package. In Redhat/Centos passwd comes from 'passwd' package
while 'usermod' comes from `shadow-utils`

This should just support either one with no real cost other than
the check.

43f5850... by zolti on 2019-03-06

Example for Microsoft Azure data disk added.

109772c... by Dan Watkins on 2019-03-04

clean: correctly determine the path for excluding seed directory

Previously, init.paths.cloud_dir has a trailing slash, which meant that
"/var/lib/cloud//seed" was being compared to "/var/lib/cloud/seed" and
(of course), never matching.

In this commit, switch to using os.path.join to avoid this case (and
update the tests to catch it in future).

LP: #1818571

5352dd9... by Dan Watkins on 2019-03-04

helpers/openstack: Treat unknown link types as physical

Some deployments of OpenStack expose link types to the guest which
cloud-init doesn't recognise. These will almost always be physical, so
we can operate more robustly if we assume that they are (whilst warning
the user that we're seeing something unexpected).

LP: #1639263

edf052c... by Dan Watkins on 2019-03-04

drop Python 2.6 support and our NIH version detection

- Remove the last few places that use `if PY26`
- Replace our Python version detection logic with six's (which we were
  already using in most places)

eee0e09... by Ryan Harper on 2019-03-04

tip-pylint: Fix assignment-from-return-none errors

pylint now complains about assignment of None from a
return of a function call. This does not account for subclassing
so we resolve this issue by removing the assignment in the unittest.

bd35300... by Kurt Stieger on 2019-03-04

net: append type:dhcp[46] only if dhcp[46] is True in v2 netconfig

When providing netplan configuration to cloud-init, the internal
network state would enable DHCP if the 'dhcp' key was present in
the source config. In netplan, dhcp[46] is a boolean and the
value of the boolean should control whether DHCP is enabled rather
than the presence of the key. This issue leaded to inconsistant
sysconfig/network-scripts on fedora. 'BOOTPROTO' was always 'dhcp',
even if the address config was static.

After this change a dhcp subnet is added only if the 'dhcp' setting
in source cfg dict is True.

LP: #1818032