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396b059... by Scott Moser

debian/patches/azure-use-walinux-agent.patch: refresh patch.

509896c... by Scott Moser

update changelog

68edc96... by Scott Moser

Remove the optional dependency on jsonschema for stable release.

To make this acceptable as a SRU we keep the same dependencies as are
in the stable release.

The '${python3:Depends}' in debian/control would automatically add the
dependency if it is seen in requirements.txt.

Add a patch stable-release-no-jsonschema-dep.patch to fix.

55c4159... by Scott Moser

update changelog

896624d... by Scott Moser

drop cherry picks before merge from master at 0.7.9-198-g17bad421

drop the following cherry picks:

8db05af... by Scott Moser

changelog: add reference to LP: #1690430

7772bf4... by Scott Moser

releasing package cloud-init version 0.7.9-153-g16a7302f-0ubuntu1~16.10.2

f883c02... by Scott Moser

update changelog

a9d5d0c... by Scott Moser

cherry pick 11121fe4

LP: #1693361

48e0166... by Scott Moser

update changelog