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a444f4d... by Ryan Harper on 2020-01-29

update changelog (New upstream snapshot 19.4-51-g8409dd7d)

4366c6a... by Ryan Harper on 2020-01-29

update changelog.

d1b1bb4... by Ryan Harper on 2020-01-29

refresh patches against upstream/master commit 8409dd7d

refresh patches against upstream/master commit 8409dd7d:

8f40ebe... by Ryan Harper on 2020-01-29

merge from upstream/master at 19.4-51-g8409dd7d

8409dd7... by Dan Watkins on 2020-01-29

HACKING.rst: update CLA link (#199)

9e3ac98... by Louis Bouchard on 2020-01-29

Scaleway: Fix DatasourceScaleway to avoid backtrace (#128)

Make sure network_config is created when self._network_config is unset.

Co-authored-by: Scott Moser <email address hidden>

88b0964... by Dan Watkins on 2020-01-28

cloudinit/cmd/devel/ add missing space (#191)

fa3bdc9... by Paride Legovini on 2020-01-28

tools/run-container: drop support for python2 (#192)

Drop support for specifying an Python interpreter different from python3
from tools/run-container.

28aa8c5... by Ryan Harper on 2020-01-27

Print ssh key fingerprints using sha256 hash (#188)

LP: #1860789

c99cfb2... by Paride Legovini on 2020-01-24

Make the RPM build use Python 3 (#190)

* packages/brpm: switch to python3

No changes needed other than changing the shebang interpreter.

* pkg-deps.json: bump the redhat build dependencies to python36

CentOS 7 (our standard target for the COPR test builds) uses python3.6
as its default python3 interpreter, so let's bump the build dependencies