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ba52f29... by James Falcon

releasing cloud-init version 21.4-0ubuntu1~21.04.1

b8b683e... by James Falcon

update changelog (New upstream release 21.4).

dc47271... by Brett Holman <email address hidden>

Add LXD to datasource list. (#1090)

LXD support added in #1040.

654e871... by James Falcon

merge from upstream/main at 21.4

e6ddcbf... by James Falcon

update changelog.

d6b383e... by James Falcon

drop cherry picks included in upstream/main commit db6084bd

drop the following cherry picks:

db6084b... by James Falcon

Release 21.4 (#1091)

Bump the version in cloudinit/ to 21.4 and
update ChangeLog.

LP: #1949405

ff415ca... by Anh Vo (MSFT)

Azure: fallback nic needs to be reevaluated during reprovisioning (#1094)

During reprovisioning, VM network will change. fallback nic
should be cleared after use so that it can be re-evaluated after

48467aa... by Anh Vo (MSFT)

azure: pps imds (#1093)

Without UDF support, DS Azure cannot mount the provisioning ISO,
which contains platform metadata necessary to support
pre-provisioning. The required metadata is made available in IMDS
starting with api version 2021-08-01. This change will leverage IMDS
to obtain the required metadata to support pre-preprovisioning if
provisioning ISO was not available.

d54e23b... by James Falcon

testing: Remove calls to 'install_new_cloud_init' (#1092)

In our integration tests, a few tests were modifying the environment and
then calling 'install_new_cloud_init'. This is problematic because it
updates the environment for all future tests.

Other instances of 'install_new_cloud_init' aren't problematic because
they aren't modifying the underlying environment.