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62ed6d1... by James Falcon

releasing cloud-init version 22.4-0ubuntu0~20.04.1

c5cb689... by Chad Smith

changelogs: sync released hotfix d/changelog entries and Changelog

c7c092e... by James Falcon

update changelog

4a0cc0c... by James Falcon

Merge main at '22.4' into ubuntu/focal

85e86e5... by James Falcon

Release 22.4 (#1832)

Bump the version in cloudinit/ to 22.4 and
update ChangeLog.

fe115f9... by Alberto Contreras

test: fix pro integration test

Ensure Pro instances are detached before the test run and
that the test only runs on LTS releases.

As ua.UserFacingError is not properly converted to str,
manually pick its msg to provide the user a more informative
logging msg.

7b04985... by Dermot Bradley

cc_disk_setup: pass options in correct order to utils (#1829)

When testing cc_disk_setup it failed with the following error:

  Unexpected error while running command.
  Command: ['/sbin/mkfs.ext4', '/dev/sdc1', '-L', 'disk3-fs2']
  Exit code: 1
  Reason: -
  Stderr: mke2fs 1.46.5 (30-Dec-2021)
          mkfs.ext4: invalid blocks '-L' on device '/dev/sdc1'

The manpages for mkfs.ext4, mkfs.xfs, and mkswap all indicate that
options should be passed *before* the device name but cc_disk_setup
passed them after the device name - in the case of mkfx.ext4 a
"fs-size" can be passed after the device and that is what the
"-L disk3-fs2" option is being misintepreted as.

This PR ensures that the device name is passed last. The underlying
issue appears to be due to a different in behaviour between glibc and
musl where glibc "helps" applications by re-ordered command-line
parameters by musl does not[1] as it sticks to POSIX spec.

This PR also modifies 2 testcases to cater for this change in the code,
adds a note to disk_setup to clarify that when creating a swap partition
a fs_entry also needs to be specified so that mkswap is run, adds to the
examples how to specify a non-default partition type (i.e. for swap),
and modifies the description for disk_setup to clarify this.


fe3dbc2... by Chad Smith

tests: text_lxd basic_preseed verify_clean_log (#1826)

c074536... by Alberto Contreras

docs: switch sphinx theme to furo (SC-1327) (#1821)

1f43a83... by Alberto Contreras

tests: activate Ubuntu Pro tests (only on Jenkins) (#1777)

tests: activate Ubuntu Pro tests (only on Jenkins)