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3f381b9... by Ryan Harper on 2019-07-18

Update ubuntu-advantage-revert-tip.patch

The patch to revert the ubuntu-advantages did not revert enough
of the ubuntu_advantage config module; though it did revert all
of the test-cases. This results in unittest failures during
building against master where it applies the debian dir from
the release against master.

4feb4da... by Chad Smith on 2019-06-04

update changelog.

89c0412... by Chad Smith on 2019-06-04

refresh patches against origin/master commit deaeb714

refresh patches against origin/master commit deaeb714:

217fa6d... by Chad Smith on 2019-06-04

merge from origin/master at 19.1-8-gdeaeb714

deaeb71... by Mark T. Voelker on 2019-06-03

Allow identification of OpenStack by Asset Tag

When OpenStack is deployed on some hypervisors (such as VMware
vSphere), cloud-init doesn't detect that it needs to probe the
metadata service because the DMI product name field can't be set
to a field that is recognized by cloud-init. However, the asset
tag field can be set via flavor extra specs or image metadata.
A similar approach is already used to identify Open Telekom Cloud.

This patch allows cloud init to recognize "OpenStack Nova" or
"OpenStack Compute" in the asset tag field as an indication that
the instance being configured is running on an OpenStack platform.

LP: #1669875

c3cd42c... by Brian Murray on 2019-05-31

Fix spelling error making 'an Ubuntu' consistent.

19ddb1f... by Paride Legovini on 2019-05-30

run-container: centos: comment out the repo mirrorlist

In this way only the 'baseurl' mirror is used, which is easier
to allow through firewalls and proxies.

ded1ec8... by Ryan Harper on 2019-05-29

netplan: update netplan key mappings for gratuitous-arp

Previous versions of netplan included a misspelling for the
bond parameter around gratuitous-arp. This has been fixed and released
and cloud-init needs to accept both values. This branch fixes the
key that will be rendered and transforms the previous misspelling
when capturing network_state.

LP: #1827238

c951963... by Gonéri Le Bouder on 2019-05-28

freebsd: fix the name of cloudcfg VARIANT

config/cloud.cfg.tmpl uses 'freebsd', not 'bsd' to identify FreeBSD.

6197c34... by Gonéri Le Bouder on 2019-05-28

freebsd: ability to grow root file system

- UFS file system support
- GPT partition table support
- add support for newfs's -L parameter (label)
- move freebsd specific test from Azure to freebsd