Last commit made on 2021-06-18
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9e1958c... by Paride Legovini on 2021-06-18

d/cloud-init.templates: remove comment (unsupported by debconf) (#928)

831f5bc... by Chad Smith on 2021-06-15

update changelog unreleased

3ef22ed... by Chad Smith on 2021-06-15

d/cloud-init.templates: comment about why Oracle DS is absent

964845b... by Chad Smith on 2021-06-15

d/patches/-ubuntu-advantage-revert-tip.patch: ua completed SRU to bionic

90a5ddf... by Dan Watkins on 2021-05-12

d/changelog: bump to ubuntu2 to match impish version

acd8a32... by James Falcon on 2021-05-11

update changelog (New upstream snapshot 21.2-3-g899bfaa9).

8714e6b... by Scott Moser on 2021-04-27

d/cloud-init.templates add Vultr datasource support

d70cfc3... by James Falcon on 2021-05-11

merge from upstream/master at 21.2-3-g899bfaa9

899bfaa... by James Falcon <email address hidden> on 2021-05-11

Update test characters in substitution unit test (#893)

In newer versions of python, when using urllib.parse, lines containing
newline or tab characters now get sanitized. This caused a unit test to


77320bf... by Dermot Bradley on 2021-05-08 remove UDEVADM_CMD definition as not used (#886)

UDEVADM_CMD is defined but not actually used in
so remove it.

Also modify the comment at top of read_parttbl function to remove the
reference to udevadm which implies it is used to scan the partition table.