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ad07235... by Dan Watkins on 2019-02-25

cloudinit: move to pytest for running tests

As the nose docs[0] themselves note, it has been in maintenance mode for
the past several years. pytest is an actively developed, featureful and
popular alternative that the nose docs themselves recommend.


c90932f... by Chad Smith on 2020-02-14

docs: mount_default_files is a list of 6 items, not 7 (#212)

ecffd25... by Ryan Harper on 2020-02-13

azurecloud: fix issues with instances not starting (#205)

The azurecloud platform did not always start instances
during collect runs. This was a result of two issues. First
the image class _instance method did not invoke the start()
method which then allowed collect stage to attempt to run
scripts without an endpoint. Second, azurecloud used the
image_id as both an instance handle (which is typically
vmName in azure api) as well as an image handle (for image
capture). Resolve this by adding a .vm_name property to
the AzureCloudInstance and reference this property in

Also in this branch

- Fix error encoding user-data when value is None
- Add additional logging in AzureCloud platform
- Update logging format to print pathname,funcName and line number
  This greatly eases debugging.

LP: #1861921

81c7477... by Ryan Harper on 2020-02-10

unittest: fix stderr leak in cc_set_password random unittest output. (#208)

890aca4... by Ryan Harper on 2020-02-07

cc_disk_setup: add swap filesystem force flag (#207)

616d0a6... by Igor Galić <email address hidden> on 2020-02-07

import sysvinit patches from freebsd-ports tree (#161)

bugzilla ref:
svn rev:

b285efb... by Edwin Kofler <email address hidden> on 2020-02-07

docs: fix typo (#195)

fixes typo at doc/examples/cloud-config-disk-setup.txt; Cavaut => Caveat

06e324f... by Robert Schweikert on 2020-02-03

sysconfig: distro-specific config rendering for BOOTPROTO option (#162)

- Introduce the "flavor" configuration option for the sysconfig renderer
  this is necessary to account for differences in the handling of the
  BOOTPROTO setting between distributions (lp#1858808)
  + Thanks to Petr Pavlu for the idea
- Network config clean up for sysconfig renderer
  + The introduction of the "flavor" renderer configuration allows us
    to only write values that are pertinent for the given distro
- Set the DHCPv6 client mode on SUSE (lp#1800854)

Co-authored-by: Chad Smith <email address hidden>

LP: #1800854

1bb1896... by Dan Watkins on 2020-01-31

cloudinit: replace "from six import X" imports (except in (#183)

0ecbd88... by Paride Legovini on 2020-01-30

run-container: use 'test -n' instead of 'test ! -z' (#202)

Fixes shellcheck warning SC2236.