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1e26e29... by Brett Holman <email address hidden>

Code in italics get rendered incorrectly in newer sphinx, fix it

They looked funny italicized currently, switch to inline codeblock.

11a1634... by Brett Holman <email address hidden>

include rtd_theme as extension, per

8a121ea... by Brett Holman <email address hidden>

RST link/ref is broken, fix it.

6bfc08a... by Brett Holman <email address hidden>

Nits in wording regarding security

- Implying a cryptographic hash function is "safe" generally doesn't age well.
- Linux users are likely to require escalating privileges on the host as part
  of system administration. Therefore, telling users to "only use ssh, not
  passwords" is likely to be interpreted as one of the following:
   - log in as root via ssh [1]
   - log in as a user that has passwordless sudo access [1]
  Both of these interpretations go against security best practices.
  Rather than giving security advice, warn of the risks associated with the
  feature and let users make their own decisions.

[1] using an auth method such as ssh keys

2f24b72... by Brett Holman <email address hidden>

UX nit: put deprecated content in a drop-down panel

c1004a4... by Brett Holman <email address hidden>

Security docs aren't rendered, fix it.

- m2r seems abandoned, switch to m2r2
- fix rst to actually render the security page

8bf100b... by Brett Holman <email address hidden>

remove headers of missing examples

9fbc8cf... by James Falcon

docs: Re-order readthedocs install

Order building cloud-init before building doc-requirements.txt.
Building '.' invokes a 'pip install --upgrade .' which happens to also
re-install the latest versions of previously pinned docs dependencies

ad7d153... by Jeffrey 'jf' Lim <email address hidden>

Stop cc_ssh_authkey_fingerprints from ALWAYS creating home (#1343)

cloudinit/config/ unintentionally ends
up creating a home directory for a user even when `no_create_home:
true` or `system: true`. This prevents it.

`` calls `ssh_util.extract_authorized_keys`,
which ends up calling `check_create_path`, which creates the as yet
non-existent home while looking for an `authorized_keys` file to parse.
`` looks like the best place to stop this.

NOTE that I do not handle the situation where (`no_create_home: true`
or `system: true`) *and* yet `ssh_authorized_keys` is provided. In
this case, by virtue of the code `no_create_home: true` / `system:
true` takes precedence

f8179ad... by James Falcon

docs: add jinja2 pin (#1352)