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77320bf... by Dermot Bradley on 2021-05-08 remove UDEVADM_CMD definition as not used (#886)

UDEVADM_CMD is defined but not actually used in
so remove it.

Also modify the comment at top of read_parttbl function to remove the
reference to udevadm which implies it is used to scan the partition table.

8cf40a7... by Andrew Lukoshko on 2021-05-07

Add AlmaLinux OS support (#872)

AlmaLinux OS is RHEL-compatible so all the changes needed are trivial.

1387754... by James Falcon <email address hidden> on 2021-05-05

Release 21.2 (#890)

Bump the version in cloudinit/ to 21.2 and update ChangeLog.

LP: #1927254

f17f78f... by James Falcon <email address hidden> on 2021-05-05

Add \r\n check for SSH keys in Azure (#889)


5f5fa5e... by Dan Watkins on 2021-05-03

Revert "Add support to resize rootfs if using LVM (#721)" (#887)

This reverts commit 74fa008bfcd3263eb691cc0b3f7a055b17569f8b.

During pre-release testing, we discovered two issues with this commit.
Firstly, there's a typo in the udevadm command that causes a TypeError
for _all_ growpart executions. Secondly, the LVM resizing does not
appear to successfully resize everything up to the LV, though some
things do get resized.

We certainly want this change, so we'll be happy to review and land it
alongside an integration test which confirms that it is working as

LP: #1922742

9ea643f... by Paul Goins on 2021-04-29

Add Vultaire as contributor (#881)

ba82b3e... by Anh Vo (MSFT) on 2021-04-27

Azure: adding support for consuming userdata from IMDS (#884)

5c740dc... by Dan Watkins on 2021-04-26

test_upgrade: modify test_upgrade_package to run for more sources (#883)

This allows us to use it when validating packages from -proposed (and
PPAs etc.).

02db2c3... by Ben Hughes on 2021-04-26

Fix chef module run failure when chef_license is set (#868)

Move chef_license from TPL_PATH_KEYS to TPL_KEYS as the chef license
setting is not a path but must be added to the client config template.
Fixes file or folder not found exception raised from ensure_dirs.

b231166... by aswinrajamannar <email address hidden> on 2021-04-26

Azure: Retry net metadata during nic attach for non-timeout errs (#878)

When network interfaces are hot-attached to the VM, attempting to get
network metadata might return 410 (or 500, 503 etc) because the info
is not yet available. In those cases, we retry getting the metadata
before giving up. The only case where we can move on to wait for more
nic attach events is if the call times out despite retries, which
means the interface is not likely a primary interface, and we should
try for more nic attach events.