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5e6ecc6... by Louis Abel <email address hidden>

Append derivatives to is_rhel list in cloud.cfg.tmpl (#1887)

This commit adds Rocky Linux, AlmaLinux, CloudLinux, EuroLinux, Miracle
Linux, and Virtuozzo to the is_rhel list. Recent downstream patch from
Red Hat causes issues with RHEL derivatives with the cloud.cfg template,
which leads to derivatives having to make small changes to bring back
expected functionality.

7a93f1c... by =?utf-8?q?Mina_Gali=C4=87?= <email address hidden>

FreeBSD init: use cloudinit_enable as only rcvar (#1875)

All components of cloudinit need to run, and in a specific order.
If cloudinit is to be enabled, it should only rely on one variable.
This change better encodes that, than #161

Sponsored by: FreeBSD Foundation

68b9471... by Manasseh Zhou <email address hidden>

feat: add support aliyun metadata security harden mode (#1865)

Currently, Alibaba cloud provides a security hardening mode for its
metadata server, which is alike IMDSv2, and we should support it.

Detailed information be found here:

6795bb8... by Sally Makin

docs: uprate analyze to performance page

As previously discussed, the Analyze page contains the content we want
to present under the "Performance" topic and should be uprated.

I have changed the title of the "Analyze" page to "Performance" so
that it shows correctly in the LHS menu. The anchors are the same,
and I have not changed the file name so as to avoid having to update
any links.

I took the opportunity to make some minor tidying edits to the text.
Hopefully these will add clarity and not change the intended meaning.

198303e... by Alberto Contreras

test: fix lxd preseed managed network config (#1881)

Remove managed key in network config on LXD preseed configs
as it is not a valid key in LXD > v4.

871edd5... by Einar Bjarni Halldórsson

Add support for static IPv6 addresses for FreeBSD (#1839)

Currently, FreeBSD ignores IPv6 addresses. This PR adds support for static IPv6 addresses

893df0d... by Chad Smith

Release 22.4.2 (#1878)

Bump the version in cloudinit/ to 22.4.2 and
update ChangeLog.

4ba809b... by Alberto Contreras

status: handle ds not defined in status.json (#1876)

Handles any situation where `status.json` does not yet contain
datasource information, by gracefully fulfilling a
`datasource=None` in `StatusDetails`.

LP: #1997559

65eb520... by James Falcon

Make 3.12 failures not fail the build (#1873)

Since 3.12 is the development release, failures of it
shouldn't fail the overall build.

f1a9e44... by Sally Makin

Docs: adding relative links

- index.rst: changed contributing link to :ref:
- found CONTRIBUTING.rst had links still in it
- added labels to several topic pages to fix that issue
- changed all of those to :ref: links