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Clint Byrum

Recent revisions

11. By Clint Byrum on 2010-11-30

fixing up control/changelog for debian

10. By Clint Byrum on 2010-11-30

debian/control: new soname fixes ABI (Closes: #594607) (LP: #625882)

9. By Clint Byrum on 2010-11-30

changing target to natty

8. By Clint Byrum on 2010-11-30

* New upstream release.
* debian/rules: make upstream version dynamic for /usr/share/doc clearing

7. By Clint Byrum on 2010-09-01

* debian/rules: move .a and .la files to -dev package
* debian/control: libdbi-dev breaks libdbi0, since archives are now in -dev

6. By Clint Byrum on 2010-09-01

* debian/control: new soname fixes ABI (LP: #625882)
  - renaming libdbi0-dev to libdbi-dev
  - renaming libdbi0 to libdbi1
  - Replaces/conflicts/provides libdbi0-dev for build-deps

5. By Clint Byrum on 2010-09-01

New upstream release.

4. By Thomas Goirand <email address hidden> on 2010-08-11

* New upstream release (Closes: #592447, #565562).
* Now using my email <email address hidden> on the maintainer field.
* Now depends on debhelper 7.
* Added some missing Depends: ${misc:Depends}.
* Now using Standards-Version 3.9.1.
* Added Vcs-Browser: URL where I'll keep the Debian package source.
* Added debian/source/format file, using 1.0 with autoreconf to avoid clean
  target head akes.
* Not using dh_clean -k but dh_prep in debian/rules.
* Removed the duplicate section fields.
* Reviewed a bit short and long descriptions.
* Now calls ./autogen.sh before ./configure, the package also
  Build-Depends on automake and libtool.
* In debian/rules, added rm -rf debian/libdbi0/usr/lib/pkgconfig in the
  install target.

3. By Thomas Goirand on 2007-11-26

* New maintainer (Closes: #444424)
* Now cleaning everything correctly on the clean target
* Now managing updates of config.sub and config.guess correctly
* Removed useless postinst and postrm from debian folder as they are
  generated by dh_makeshlibs anyway
* Cleaned a bit the debian/rules for readability
* Reviewed the debian/copyright for accuracy

2. By David Parker on 2004-01-20

New upstream release

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