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c4b90c8... by ckti

Updated tests ... add in missing }

91b6300... by ckti

Setup to not run extended on armhf

8a68d14... by ckti

Change to extended test

33b361c... by ckti

Update tests for running at end of snapcraft build

0952786... by ckti

fix Sspeling error

7ac0952... by ckti

Add in test_runner after build

fee68b1... by ckti

Add python build packages

c544955... by ckti

Change snapcraft to build from this repo

3dae55d... by ckti

Merged in snapcraft-master (pull request #88)

Set snapcraft back to devel mode

9a0788b... by ckti

Merged in snapcraft-release (pull request #87)

Snapcraft release

* Merged ioncoin/ion into master

* Merged ioncoin/ion into master

* Update snapcraft to build v5.0.00

* Revert "Update snapcraft to build v5.0.00"

This reverts commit fa57dd96d6b07a8a26cc75c3cebf1d9cf7200d42.

* Change snapcraft to build v5.0.00

* Merged ioncoin/ion:master into cktii2p/ion-dash-pr:snapcraft-release

Approved-by: FornaxA