Last commit made on 2020-03-12
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78fc2d6... by ckti

Change to stable grade and 5.0.01

2b911b8... by ckti

Change to ckti-ioncore-current

7d83eb9... by dev

Merged in release/ICC-62-prepare-release-v5.0.00-beta1 (pull request #35)

Release/ICC-62 prepare release v5.0.00 beta1

988fad4... by dev

ICC62 - update ion_locale.qrc with new languages

432519c... by dev

ICC62 - update .vscode/settings.json

ffbee00... by dev

ICC62 - update doc/release-notes.md

5db7b1b... by dev

ICC62 - update testnet chainTxData, nMinimumChainWork and add checkpoint

c4a95d2... by dev

ICC62 - add new locales for QT languages

Update Makefile.qt.include with new languages:

- ion_ca.ts (Catalan)
- ion_cs.ts (Czech)
- ion_da.ts (Danish)
- ion_eo.ts (Esperanto)
- ion_hi_IN.ts (Hindu, India)
- ion_hr.ts (Croatian)
- ion_lt_LT.ts (Lithuanian)
- ion_pt_BR.ts (Portuguease - Brazil)
- ion_ro_RO.ts (Romanian)
- ion_uk.ts (Ukrainian)

aa98041... by dev

ICC62 - update translation-process.md

c455788... by dev

ICC62 - update QT korean locales