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b6499f1... by dev

Merged master into upgrade-core

af40621... by FornaxA <email address hidden>

Merged in rpc-listtokentransactions-allgroups (pull request #58)

[RPC] Update RPC calls on tokens

Approved-by: Cevap

ec5b3d6... by dev

chainparams.cpp - fix typo in checkpoint at block 207992

0480432... by ckti

Merged in snapcraft-5.0.99 (pull request #57)

Change to use tag v5.0.99

Approved-by: Cevap

d3438a6... by FornaxA <email address hidden>

[FIX][RPC] Harmonize use of token labels in RPC calls

In line with https://github.com/ioncoincore/ion/pull/187 increase consistency:
- Refer to ion with amount and to tokens with tokenAmount
- use tokenType to specify if an output is a value or an authority
- Use tokenAuthorities, not token_authorities
- use groupID instead of groupIdentifier

In line with Dash:
- use value and tokenValue for values with decimals
- use valueSat and tokenValueSat for their sat values (instead of using amount and tokenAmount for sat values)

More consistency:
- Add authorities to scantokens
- Use token { ticker, value, ..} instead of token { tokenTicker, tokenValue, ..}
- Use tokenAuthorities in favor of groupAuthorities

c1199b3... by FornaxA <email address hidden>

Update listtokentransactions

- Enable listtokentransactions to return output on all tokens instead of on specific tokens only
- Distinguish between token amounts and token authorities

listtokentransactions needed a token group ID string as input. This
commit makes that optional.
Now, when passing "*" or when omitting the token group ID string,
transactions from all token groups are returned.

29e6ea1... by ckti

Change to use tag v5.0.99

2bce114... by FornaxA <email address hidden>

Merged in update-mainnet-params (pull request #55)

Update mainnet parameters and (softfork) display for bip34, bip65 and bip66

Approved-by: Cevap

dbd8de1... by FornaxA <email address hidden>

Update mainnet parameters and (softfork) display for bip34, bip65 and bip66

ION's mainnet parameters for bip34, bip65 and bip66 were not set using a softfork
but with fixed chain parameters.

8dcd27f... by dev

updated testnet checkpoints and replace dash's on main net