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86e0d7e... by Ion Coin Developers <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #187 from FornaxA/listtransactions-update

Harmonize RPC call output related to tokens

eee5eea... by FornaxA <email address hidden>

Harmonize ATP RPC call output naming conventions

- Token amounts are converted from their sat values to the true token values (in line with how ION values are converted from sat values to ION values)
- Token group identifiers are written as 'groupID' (instead of groupIdentifier or group)
- Similarly, parent group identifiers are written as ṕarentGroupID (instead of parentGroupIdentifier)
- ION amounts are always written as 'amount' (instead of ION_amount)
- Token amounts are always written as 'tokenAmount' (instead of token_amount).
- Authorites are written as 'groupAuthorities' (instead of token_authorities), since the authorities operate at token group level
- Subgroup data is referred to as 'subgroupData' (instead of 'subgroup-data')

469763f... by FornaxA <email address hidden>

[REFACTOR] Remove getting the parent group before calling GetTokenGroupCreation

Because this is already done by GetTokenGroupCreation itself.

3989311... by FornaxA <email address hidden>

[RPC][FIX] Proper conversion of 2nd parameter to listtokentransactions and listtokenssinceblock

0d38ab9... by Ion Coin Developers <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #186 from FornaxA/gettokentransaction

Add gettokentransaction RPC functionality

e1dcd5a... by FornaxA <email address hidden>

[RPC] Add functions to decode token transaction data

- gettokentransactiondata returns token related transaction data in addition to regular transaction data
- decoderawtransaction / getrawtransaction decode token transaction data that does not depend on state such as token configuration data

f319b30... by FornaxA <email address hidden>

[FIX] Cleanup: do not return reference to temporary buffer and finish incomplete function

c7357b6... by FornaxA <email address hidden>

[REFACTOR] Move token consensus functionality to common libs

5d66e5b... by dev

revert snap to 9309b80da92660b56db587f519330decbb9112b0

snap has pushed, seems intentionaly, a bug to break snap.
They prommised a fix, still promise but do not deliver, I have to mention that they also abuse their competences and lie in public, communication is hard with such people.
Icons files ico can not be used, added new lines to snapcraft are not relevant anymore
Using png for the time being fixed which retriggers now release v4.0.00
Later ico should be reverted if snap's unpolite team breaking it intentionally manages to fix it.

7732bee... by ckti <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #184 from ckti-ioncore-current/update-snap

Update to conform to new snapcraft.io rules